P227 ORACLE 227 Fri 1 Jul YTV 2000:11  Friday  1/3       19.00  JILMY'S Another real-life report from St N—lfs University Hospital, Leeds, Britain's biggest and busiest general hospital. Twice a week the true stories of the patients and staff will unfold in this candid and intimate look at the world inside "Jimmy's" as it is known throughout the area. We catch sp on the progress of 19-year- old student nurse Sasha, and find out what special problems are presented by a mother-to-be who has diabetes. Through The Keyhole > TV Plus ...220 Films on ITV...228 LATEST OFFERS F2OM GRATTAN SEE 193 ITV Today TV Films TV Guide ghat's On
P227 ORACLE 227 Fri 1 Jul YTV 2000:15  Friday  2/3       19.30  THROUGH THE KEYHOLE How much can you learn about someone from the contents of their fridge, or what's standing on the mantlepiece? Loyd Grossman goes behind closed doors in another brace of celebrity homes tonight to provide the tantalising clues that the panel needs to guess who lives whereN Addressing themselves to the question tonight are gossip columnist Nigel Dempster, broadcaster Chris Tarrant and agony auntie Anna RaeburnN David Frost, as ssual, is the ideal host for this exhibition of stars' homesN Survhval > TV Plus 220 Films on ITV 228 ITV Today TV Films TV Guide ghat's On
P227 ORACLE 227 Fri 1 Jul YTV 2001:00  Friday  3/3       at 20.00 N SURVIVAL The Secret Leopard Cameraman Richard Matthews and his assistant Samantha Purdy spent over four months close to a family of super- shy leopards to make this fascinating doc5lfntary. Leopards are highly secretive masters of camouflage and roam huge areas in search of food, but, in Kenya's Masai Mara game park, Richard and Samantha encountered a leopardess who was less scared of the cameras than most. And soon they had built sp an extraM ordinary rapport with the huntress. Jimlp's > TV Plus ...220 Films on ITV...228 ITV Today TV Films TV Guide What's On