P221 ORACLE 221 Fri 1 Jul YTV 2001:00  Neil Churchman's  1/4      DECLARING WAR ON THE NEIGHBOU2S A new soap is coming sp from down snder in a bid to knock Neighbours for sixN ITV have bought 80 episodes of the Aussie soap Home & Away to rival the BBC's big ratings winnerN It's the saga of a couple called Fletcher and their fight to keep their family of five foster children together - despite all odds. So far ITV bosses haven't decided whether to pit the new serial directly against Neighbours, which is regularly watched by over 14 million viewersN morA > TV Plus ...220 TV Quiz ...222 TV  RSVP:TV TV Charts TV Guide
P221 ORACLE 221 Fri 1 Jul YTV 2001:01  Neil Churchman's  2/4      The Equalizer and LA Law have become the first casualties on British TV of the 17-week strike by American film and television writers. ITV has been forced to postpone both in mid-series because there are no more scripts to be filmedN Yesterday ITV promised to bring back the shows as soon as filming resqdesN TV Today: July 1st 1988 Many happy returns to That's Life presenter Doc Cox, 42 today 1967 Colour arrives on BBCtv. Seven hours of colour TV were shown - mostly coverage of Wimbledon!. more > TV Plus Index 220 TV Quiz 222 ORACLE BAHAMAS HOLIDAY OFFER - 579 TV Quiz RSVP:TV TV Charts TV Guide
P221 ORACLE 221 Fri 1 Jul YTV 2000:10  Neil Churchman's  3/4      Shots of the 2oyal Family ski-ing in the Daily Mirror's new TV advert have been banned by the IBA. The TV watchdogs ordered a sequence showing Princess Diana taking a tumble, after being "pushed" by a superimposed image of the newspaper, to be cut because of the recent ski-ing tragedy at Klosters involving the RoyalsN ITV's Christmas ice spectacular, The Sleeping Beauty, has skated its way to the top in a major TV festivalN The fairy tale on ice, starring Robin Cousins and 2osalynn Sumners scooped the prize for best one-off entertainment show at the International Monitor Awards in Los Angeles, USA. TV Plus Index 220 TV !rhz 222 TV  RSVP:TV TV Charts TV Guide
P221 ORACLE 221 Fri 1 Jul YTV 2001:10  Neil Churchman's  4/4       Tough talking ex-Weekend World presenter Brian Walden is back on the box. Walden, feared by many politicians for his incisive TV interrogations, is to host a new Sunday lunchtime talk show called The Walden Interviews starting this AstumnN Former MP Matthew Parris, who took over at Weekend World, has landed a top BBC fob. He'll host a Monday morning Radio Four show called Modest ProposalsN French president Francois Mitterand is calling for a Euro-TV company to make home-grown shows to beat off an American "invasion" of Ewropean screens TV Plus ...220 TV Quiz ...222 TV Quiz RSVP:TV TV Charts TV Guide