P297 ORACLE 297 Sat29 Sep YTV 1900:10  Yorkshire area 1/3      NICAM STEREO SOUND WITH TELEVISION  NICAM Digital Stereo coverage on ITV and Channel 4 in the Yorkshire Television area is now complete as Belmont NICAM test transmissions are now taking place on both channelsN The sound is transmitted on both the NICAM and FM carriers, although during TV-am (0600-0925) the NICAM sound will not be available sntil later this year. The Belmont test transmissions are liable to interruptionsN more about NICAM > Test Page ITV Today What's On Adverts
P297 ORACLE 297 Sat29 Sep YTV 1901:00  Yorkshire area 3/3      SHEFFIELD/CHESTERFIELD LOCAL NEWS  Viewers tuned to the Sheffield, Totley Rise, Chesterfield, Dronfield, Hasland and Brockwell relays are now able to receive a new news service, 'Calendar Southg, broadcast from 6N00-6.30pm Monday to Friday as well as an 'opt-out' news bulletin at 12.55pm. This new service provides news specifically targetted to the Sheffield and Chesterfield areas. Viewers in these areas who receive Emley Moor or Belmont will continue to receive the same Calendar editions as befgqbN NICAM Stereo on Yorkshire7Channel 4 > Test Page ITV Today What's On Adverts
P297 ORACLE 297 Sat29 Sep YTV 1901:10  Yorkshire area 2/3      NICAM STEREO SOUND WITH TELEVISION  All progralles that are transmitted in stereo are notified in the TV Times and on Oracle pages 213 and 217 on ITV and pages 414 and 415 on Channel 4. On most NICAM televisions and video recorders a pilot light (sometimes marked 'Stereo') indicates that a NICAM signal is being transmitted, regardless of whether the transmission is in stereo or mono. Sheffield/Chesterfield local news > Test Page ITV Today ghat's On Adverts