P104 ORACLE 104 Sat29 Sep ITV 1900:11   ASIANS' 5,000-MILE  DRIVE TO FREEDOM About 150 Asian refugees have reached India after a gruelling 5,000-mile overland journey from occupied Kuwait. see p102Mp103 The Indians, Bangladeshis, Sri Lankans and a Filipino couple, most of them penniless, spoke of Iraqi atrocities and Asians being robbed at gunpoint. Some of the 45 Indians began a sitdown strikf on the border when customs officials demanded duty on their cars. The Bangladeshis M nearly 100 packed into 39 cars M said food poisoning had killed three of their group on the trip  News headlines 101 Sport 130 CAN YOU SPOT A BARGAIN USED CA # 'F KNOg A MAN gHO CAN M SEE p190 Next Story Newsfile Sport TV Guide