P3f6 Teletext 346 May 5 00:24:46  HELP US TO  MAKE CONTACT ———————————————  ——————————————————— G$FGORY JOHN SAUNDERS (ref 5379) Born 13.6.70 Greg was working on a cruise ship as a compere/entertainet until Oct 1996. He then returned to London but has not been in touch since. His brother James says they are all very anxious to know his whereabouts, and that he could murder a pint with him. Appearance: Aged 26, 6ft 1in, Greg is described as a striking looking chap with a tan and swept back hairstyle. If you have information on Gregory pleasf call 0500 700 700 ——————————————————————————————————15/19 News 300 TV Plus 110 THE NATIONAL MISSING PERS/oS HELPLINE IS A REGISTERED CHA$JTY Crimestoppers Reg News 'jather Sport