P313 Teletext 313 May 5 00:00:01         ————————————————————————————  ZAIRE REBELS "TO FIGHT ON"   The Zairean rebel leader Laurent Kabila says his forces will fight on while President Mobutu considers his demand at their meeting that he resign. Kabila said they would meet again in eight days but that he had told Mobutu there would be no truce in the meantime Earlier reports said Kabila had agreed to a ceasefire in the civil war as a gesture of goodwill ahead of new talks. ——————————————————————————————————1/2—— Refugees die in crush on train 314 STAKIS BARGAIN BREAKS SEE p265 Next page Latest Regional 'jather
P313 Teletext 313 May 5 00:00:02         ————————————————————————————  REBELS PREPARE FOR ASSAULT   Zairean rebels are said to be massing fighters for an assault on Kinshasa, the capital city of five million. The rebels are reported to be advancing on the teeming city and leader Laurent Kabila said he expected them to be within 50 miles of the capital soon. Britain, the US, France and Belgium have troops across the Zaire River to evacuate their citizens if need be. ——————————————————————————————————2/2—— Refugees die in crush on train 314 GHAT'S ON AT THE CINEMA? p460 C4 Next page Latest Regional 'jather