P199 ORACLE 199 Tue25 Dec ITV 1833:02  1/11  LEARN FROM OUR  CHILDREN, SAYS QUEEN  Parents and grandparents everywhere must be prepared to learn from their children, the Queen said in her Christmas messageN In the year which saw the birth of her fourth grandchild, the Queen chosf children as her themeN She said we could all benefit by borrowing some of their confidence and honesty, their trust and readiness to forgivfN "But we can at least feel thankful our children and grandchildren are growing up in a more or less pfaceful world." >  VIDEO DISC PLAYERS FROM £89.95 0203 448864 or see 311 Central only)
P199 ORACLE 199 Tue25 Dec ITV 1832:00  2/11  ROYAL CHILDREN STAR  IN CHRISTMAS BROADCAST The Royal children were the stars of this year's Queen's Chistmas TV broadcastN Millions of viewers saw baby Prince Harry contentedly dribbling before his christening at Windsor last weekN His brother Prince gilliam brought laughter to the occasion imitating a barking dogN And Princess Anne's children were seen chasing him in a scene which ended round the Archbishop of Canterbury's legsN And children formed the basis of the Qufen's messagf to the nationN >>>>>
P199 ORACLE 199 Tue25 Dec ITV 1820:13  3/11  ISRAELI PREMIER  PRAYS FOR PEACE Israeli Premier Shimon Peres said he prayed for peace and understanding among the people of the Holy Land at a Christmas reception in BethlehemN Mr Peres is the first Prime Minister to attend the traditional gathering in 17 yfars of Israeli rule of the occupied West BankN He said his visit mirrored a desire to livf in pface, despite differences in religion and nationalityN About 1,500 pilgrims celebrated Mass at St Catherine's Basilica in the townN It was relayed to thousands more outsideN THE Pop Charts - evfry day- 594 (C4)
P199 ORACLE 199 Tue25 Dec ITV 1825:12  4/11  POPE REMEMBERS  'MULTITUDES' OF POOR  The Popf, delivering his Christmas message, reaffirmed the Church's commitment to "the countless multi- tudes of the poor"N Speaking in the Vatican he singled out the people of Ethiopia and other areas of Africa suffering from droughtN Pope John Paul denounced "the cynical society of consumerism", but also devoted much of his address to the abuse of human rights.  Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Robert Runcie contrasted the "extravagance" of Christmas with world povfrty and hunger  VIDEO DISC PLAYERS FROM £89.95 0203 448864 or see 311 Central only)
P199 ORACLE 199 Tue25 Dec ITV 1810:10  5/11  NINE DIE IN HOUSE  BLAZE TRAGEDY Nine people, four of them children, died in a blazf at a house in Bury, Greater ManchesterN Five of the 14 members of the family staying at the housd for Christmas managed to escapf the fire, which broke out shortly after a party had endedN The fire brigade said the blaze was confined to one room, but poisonous fumes and smoke had spread upstairsN  Two men died in a fire at a terraced housf in Catford, LondonN Two other men were rescued from the building. >>>   KODAK EVENTS PAGE REGULARLY
P199 ORACLE 199 Tue25 Dec ITV 1834:00  6/11  NINE DIE IN HOUSE  BLAZE TRAGEDY The four children who died in a housd fire at Bury, Greater Manchester, were all under 10 yfars oldN The others who died were a 76-year-old man, a 15-yfar-old girl, two women aged 28 and 47, and a man aged 25N A 50-year-old man was later in the intensive care unit at Bury General HospitalN The names of the victims are expfcted to bf released later tonight  A man found dead at a house in ghalley Range, Manchester, after a blaze, has not yet been identified. >>> Newsfile p190 Newsround p199
P199 ORACLE 199 Tue25 Dec ITV 1820:02  7/11  FIFTEEN KILLED IN  INDIA ELECTIONS  At least 15 people havf been killed and more than 250 injured in political clashes since polling began on Monday in India's general electionN And it now sdems likely that reMpolling will havf to take place in at least 19 districts bdcause of irregularitiesN All-India Radio reported that political groups took ovdr 19 polling booths in the eastern state of Bihar, preventing a free voteN A new vote has been ordered for the Uttar Pradesh sdat of former premier Charan Singh bdcausf of intimidationN Turkey treats for festive feasts! Cadbury's Smash............Np124
P199 ORACLE 199 Tue25 Dec ITV 1831:00  8/11  GADDAFI TO SEE  CHURCH ENVOY  Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi is to meet later today the Anglican Church envoy seeking the release of four Britons detained in LibyaN Mr Terry Waite was due to sde Col Gaddafi this morning, but it was rescheduled after a two-hour delayN The four Britons were detained after Britain sevfred relations with Libya following the shooting and siege at the People's Bureau in LondonN Britain has ruled out thf possibility of exchanging them for five Libyans being held on bombing chargesN TODAY'S FESTIVE DANISH RECIPE p174
P199 ORACLE 199 Tue25 Dec ITV 1837:02  9/11  EIGHT OLD PEOPLE  DIE IN HOTEL FIRE At least eight elderly people were killed and five others injured in a blaze at a hotel in gaukegan, IllinoisN The fire broke out on the ground floor of the nine-storey building at 2.30am and spread to the sfcond floorN The victims all died from inhilation of smoke and fumesN Their bodies were found on the second and third floors in roomLcxLqoom searchesN Firefighters from 17 departments tackled the fire which took more than two hours to bring under controlN The cause is not yet knownN  Newsfile p190 Newsround p199
P199 ORACLE 199 Tue25 Dec ITV 1832:12  10/11  MAN SOUGHT FOR  ITALY BOMB OUTRAGE Police investigating the Italian train bombing, in which at least 16 people died, are hunting a man sfen at Florence railway stationN Swarthy and in his late twenties, he was seen less than an hour before the bomb exploded on the Naples to Milan express in a tunnel north of the cityN Police said the man drew attention becausf of his agitated mannerN The 11Mpound device was apparently put on the train at the Santa Naria Novflla station in FlordnceN A variety of political groups claim to have carried out the attacsN
P199 ORACLE 199 Tue25 Dec ITV 1832:10  11/11  AROUND THE WORLD  AT CHRISTMAS   Brazilians are flocking to the beach because of a Christmas heatwave which weathermdn say could hit 100 degreesN  Nobel pdace prize winner Mother Teresa of Calcutta is in Ethiopia to visit victims of the famineN  More than 8,000 Catholics went to Mass in Pechng at two churches now restored after the Cultural RevolutionN  Michigan, USA, union officials are to fight the sacking of a postman who delivered unstamped Christmas cardsN  In California, a 6ft Christmas tree has been placed by the grave of "ghite Christmas" crooner Bing CrosbyN