P167 ORACLE 167 Tue25 Dec ITV 1831:10  THE HOME SERVICE  1/4      A CHRISTMAS PRESENT Happy Christmas! Have a lovely time, don't ovdrdo it, and find time to sit and knitN For Christmas this year, give someone a hobby for life, teach them to knitN We mentioned Knitterbugs before, and it is a marvfllous way to encourage childM ren to knit,(ask at your wool shop when it opfns again) but remembfr adults too Encourage Grandad to knit, he probably can already,gft him to teach the little onesN There is no substitute for some- one showing a learner how to knitN  by JOY GAMMON more > BRITISH RAIL/PERSIL GRAND CHRISTMAS COMPETITION ...........sfe page 125
P167 ORACLE 167 Tue25 Dec ITV 1830:00  THE HOME SERVICE  4/4   ------- with Betty Foster -------- PATCHWORK SECRETS Best of all, Vilene finds the usf for your scraps, and it means the children can get some easy sewing practiceN Fabric can bring back memories, so why not try your hand at something small and then consider some memory cushionsN I have a free leaflet and a sample of patchwork Vilene for the first 500 people to send a stamped addressed envelopf to PO Box 28 CreweN more follows > Next Week: The Sales
P167 ORACLE 167 Tue25 Dec ITV 1830:11  THE HOME SERVICE  2/4      A CHRISTMAS PRESENT Cast on for beginners, then they don't need to learn this first, and knit a few rows, as they're always the hardest Usf medium needles and thickish plain woolN Sit next to the learner and do what they do, and be prepared to correct and helpN Don't be too ambitious, but do make SOMETHING M a toy or finger puppet for exampleN Left handfd? Sit opposite the learner, not alongside and mirror the movfmentsN Odd coloured needles make for clearer instructionsN  by JOY GAMMON Next wees: A New Year Resolution "Sew into Fashion" follows >
P167 ORACLE 167 Tue25 Dec ITV 1831:01  THE HOME SERVICE  3/4   ------- with Betty Foster -------- PATCHWORK SECRETS Everyone has scraps of fabric left over from dressmaking, I certainly have quite a hoard, and have often thought about patchworkN I had a go and found it very fiddly, with all the small pieces to cut out, so I was absolutely thrilled to find the new patchwork VileneN No more struggling — you fust iron on the shapfs, which even have the sfam allowance printed, and then cut outN It firms up the fabric and the edges don't frayN more follows > Next week: The Sales