P162 ORACLE 162 Tue25 Dec ITV 1831:11 *  * 4/5 *  * * *  * * * * BUMPER HEALTH QUIZ * * * 3N ghich stock is best for your health? a) Premium bonds b) Gilt edgfd c) Vecon (low salt,vegetable stock) 4N ghat form of alternative medicine gives you the needle? a) Acupuncture b) Homeopathy c) Osteopathy 5. ghere do you go to get a top grade nut? a) Bedlam b) Brazil c) local DIY store more tricky questions follow >
P162 ORACLE 162 Tue25 Dec ITV 1830:10 *  * 5/5 *  * * *  * * * * BUMPER HEALTH QUIZ * * * 6N ghich of the following burns up most calor—es? a) Paging the ORACLE with your handsft b) a brisk 20 minute country walk c) turning up the fire and drawing the chair closer to the TV set 7. ghich bottles carry a red and silver striped top? a) Blacs label malt whisky b) Five star brandy c) Semi-sc—mmed milk 8N ghat are kilocalories? a) metric units of heat b) a new way of weighing food c) food heavy in calories — avoid more tricky qufstions follow >
P162 ORACLE 162 Tue25 Dec ITV 1831:00 *  * 3/5 *  * * * N * * * * BUMPER HEALTH QUIZ * * * 1N How can you add more fibre to your diet? a) eat the cardboard box your cornL flakds came in b) nibble the Christmas tree trunk c) eat more beans, cereals and vegetables 2N ghat is royal felly? a) Prince William's favourite desfrt b) a healthy product made by bees c) an aphrodisiac more tricky questions follow >
P162 ORACLE 162 Tue25 Dec ITV 1830:10 *  * 2/5 *  * * *  * * * * BUMPER HEALTH QUIZ * * * WIN A HEALTHY BREAK OR A HEALTHY HAMPER The first correct entry drawn on Jan 10 will win a four day break at Ragdale Hall in February/March, and there's something for the runner-up too..N Modern Health Products, who brought us such delights as Vecon (vegie stock) Natex (low salt yfast extract) and Gelozone (vegetarian sdtting agent), are the donors of the second prizeN Thesf, along with other healthy(ish) products go to makf up a splendid hamM per which includes Champagne, Christmas pud and honeyN Send entries on a postM card to: Health Quiz, ORACLE, 25-32 Marshall Street, London g1V 1LLN more tricky questions follow >
P162 ORACLE 162 Tue25 Dec ITV 1830:11 *  * 1/5 *  * * *  * * * * BUMPER HEALTH QUIZ * * * WIN A BREAK AT RAGDALE HALL As you tuck into seasonal treats and chuck your sports gear to the back of the wardrobf, we realisf that you may not be exercising your body (except of course your right arm), but we're going to exercise your brain with this quizN Here's your chance to win a 4 day break for 2 at Britain's top health retreat, where you can bf pampered with all the latest health and beauty treatmentsN Relax in a peaceful stately home, sft in rolling English countryside for a great mid-winter rejuvfnationN more follows >