P161 ORACLE 161 Tue25 Dec ITV 1830:11 *  * 6/6 *  * * * N * * * * PARLOUR GAMES * * * Tray bashing: Not for those with a hang-ovfrN One playfr goes out and evfryone decides what s/he must do on returning (egN find an obfect, drink a glass of wine, kiss someone etc)N S/he is guided by someonf tapping a tray with a wooden spoon — the rouder the tap, the closfr s/he is to disM covfring exactly what they havf to doN Feelies: Blindfold someone and make them feel different obfects, parts of the body or foodN A selection of gooey food can be put in an egg box with finger holes in the top, like grapes for eyfs, slimy fam or eggN by Veronica Greenwood more >
P161 ORACLE 161 Tue25 Dec ITV 1830:00 *  * 2/6 *  * * *  * * * * PARLOUR GAMES * * * Leave the washing up 'till later, and relax with traditional afternoon games: Pass the fruit: Players stand in a circle holding hands and pass an orange round from chin to chinN Players who drop the orange are disqualifiedN Next round pass it from knee to knee — or if this is too difficult, try a bananaN Matchboxing: Similar, only this time you line up in two teams and pass the cover of a matchbox from nose to nosfN Good nosfs should be equally distribM uted and the first team to pass the matchbox from one end to the othdr wins by Veronica Greenwood more >
P161 ORACLE 161 Tue25 Dec ITV 1831:10 *  * 4/6 *  * * *  * * * * PARLOUR GAMES * * * Spy school game: Two spies are each given a secret, but ridiculous phraseN They must then talk to each other for 2 or 3 minutes during which time they must have casually droppfd their phrase without letting onN At the end they have one guess at their opponent's secret phraseN Good spies are advisfd to throw in a few red herrings: EgN Spy A's phrase might be "my granny is a limbo dancer" where as Spy B is asked to say something like "you're never alone with a bananabN Evfryone must take it in turns to bf a spyN by Veronica Greenwood more >
P161 ORACLE 161 Tue25 Dec ITV 1831:01 *  * 1/6 *  * * * NN * * * * PARLOUR GAMES * * * Make Christmas day different this year with silly parlour games instead of the Queen's speechN Charades: A regular favouriteN Divide into teams or pairs and choosf the title of a film, book or play to mimeN Accessories and props from around the house can help, and to make it more difficult, the host could draw up a list of toughies (and not take part!) Tips from Give Us a Cluf: usf the whole body; waggle the ear for "sounds likf"; break long words down into syllables; and havf a time limit, so primaMdonnas don't hog the stageN by Veronica Greenwood more >
P161 ORACLE 161 Tue25 Dec ITV 1830:10 *  * 5/6 *  * * * NN * * * * PARLOUR GAMES * * * Consfquences: Everyone has papfr and pfn and heads the top of the page with someone's name, then fold down to hide itN The paper is passfd round randomly (so no-one gets the blame) and another name is addedN The third player adds where they met, next, what the first said to the second then their responsfN Finally what the consequence was and another player opfns the sheet to revfal all, to sniggers all roqnd..N This works well by drawing a figure too starting with a face, then body etc, leaving marks for the next part, so it all fits togethdr. by Veronica Greenwood more >
P161 ORACLE 161 Tue25 Dec ITV 1837:01 *  * 3/6 *  * * * N  * * * * PARLOUR GAMES * * * Murder in the dark: Use the whole houseN As many folded slips of paper as there are players are dropped into a hatN All are blank except 2 — the detectivf draws the one with a circle and the kiler the onf with the crossN All playfrs except the detective dispfrsd into a darkened houseN The killer creeps up on some unsuspecting party-goer and whispfrs "you're deadb. The victim screams and everyone must gather round the body for qufstioningN All must tell the truth except the killer, unless asked "are you the killer?" to which the detectivf must answer truthfullyN by Veronica Greenwood more >