P119 ORACLE 119 Tue25 Dec ITV 1831:01  Rest of the News — Page One  NEg YORKERS TOAST  SUBWAY VIGILANTE New York police have had more than 500 calls backing a vigilante who shot four alleged muggers on the underground The man fled the subway train after telling the conductor that the youths had tried to rob himN Police said some callers had suggested he run for mayor, while others had offered to pay his defence costsN Three of the shot youths were carrying sharpened screwdrivfrsN All are in hospital and one could be paralysfdN Police likened the shooting to a film about a vigilante's bid to clean up New York, Death WishN >>>>>
P119 ORACLE 119 Tue25 Dec ITV 1830:11  Rest of the News — Page Two  VIETNAM CAPTURES  CAMBODIAN BASE Vietnam has captured a major Cambodian rebel basf near the Thai border on the sixth annivfrsary of Hanoi's invasion of CambodiaN Shelling of Nong Samet camp started shortly after midnight and thousands of refugees fled across the border to ThailandN About 100 pfople were killedN The camp was sft up by the Khmer People's National Liberation FrontN It is one of three Cambodian rebel groups fighting around 170,000 Vietnamfsf occupation forcesN The KPNLF claims to have a fighting force of 60,000N >>>>>