P114 ORACLE 114 Tue25 Dec ITV 1804:11    A selection of quotes, compiled by Arthur Clifford, to capture the flavour of a busy news ydar..N "This was the day I was not meant to see" — Mrs Thatcher, as she went to church after the IRA Brighton bombingN "As we grow older, we losf the need for aggression, for attackN We want to listen more and learn more" — Lord Shinwell, on his 100th birthdayN "Goodbye, Sunshine Miss you — Your little fat friend" — Message on bunch of red roses from Ernie gise at the funeral of Eric MorecambeN >>>>>      1/14
P114 ORACLE 114 Tue25 Dec ITV 1805:10    "Thf dole today is bftter than anyonf could have dreamed of in the 1930s..N But the social waste is the same, the affront to dignity fust as tragic" Energy Secretary Peter WalkerN "God will nevdr forgivf Arthur Scargill for what he has done to the mining communities" — Mr Ted McKay, NUM agent in North galesN "You havf an order? ...I have an order for you — get out of my bloody road" NUM viceMpresident Mick McGahey to bailiff serving a court orderN >>>>>      2/14
P114 ORACLE 114 Tue25 Dec ITV 1810:00    "What you havf in South Yorkshire is an actual police state, tantamount to something you are used to sdeing in Chile or Bolivia" — Miners' leader Arthur Scargill after pickdt clashesN "Arthur Scargill is a supreme actorN He could make a fortune on the stage, for he could take on any role" — Coal Board chairman Ian MacGregorN "The sight of Mrs Thatcher's furniture moving out will give me very great satisfaction indfed" — Mrs Glenys Kinnocc, in crystal-gazing moodN >>>>>      3/14
P114 ORACLE 114 Tue25 Dec ITV 1810:00    "There are few occasions in history when the coursd of human destiny has depdnded on the events of a single day" — The Queen, paying homage to those who fought and died on D-DayN "An unprovoked and barbaric onslaught ...Diplomatic status does not convfy the right to shoot people with machine guns" — Home Secretary Leon Brittan, on Libyan embassy outrageN "ghat is proposfd is like a monstrous carbuncle on the face of a much-loved and elegant friend" — Prince of Gales, on plan to extend the National GalleryN >>>>>      4/14
P114 ORACLE 114 Tue25 Dec ITV 1831:52    "If acting on monetarist principles steadily increasfs the number of poor and makes the rich even richer, it must be challenged" — The Rt Rev David Jencins, Bishop of DurhamN "Violence creates more violence and out of that is built not solidarity, but despair and defeat" — TUC general secretary Norman WillisN "This vfry day, more pfople are dying of an unnecessary, prevfntable disease than died in the era of cholera" Anti-smoking crusader, the Duke of Gloucester, in Lords maiden spfechN >>>>>      5/14
P114 ORACLE 114 Tue25 Dec ITV 1820:30    "Thank you for how easy you are making it for an old campaigner" — President Reagan, heading for election victoryN "Politics today reqqhres mastery of televisionN I never really warmed to it, and it nevfr really warmed to me" — Democratic contender Walter MondaleN bNow I have to ask you — would you buy a secondMhand scooter from this young man?" — Labour's Denis Healey, in attack on Tory chairman John GummerN "Viewers can bear even thf worst from a ndwscaster thdy feel is a friend" Reggie Bosanquft, who died aged 51. >>>      6/14
P114 ORACLE 114 Tue25 Dec ITV 1830:01    "Someonf should remind Mrs Thatcher that she is Prime Minister to the down makers" — Lady Marcia FalkdnderN "If I were to ascend to heaven in a fiery chariot, some papers would say I was probably just trying to avoid the air fare" — Labour deputy leadfr Roy HattersleyN "England without Sir John Betjeman is difficult to imagineN We can only hold on to the poems" — Fellow poet Philip Larcin, on death of Poet LaureateN >>>>>      7/14
P114 ORACLE 114 Tue25 Dec ITV 1831:05    "I'll carry onN I'll gft it rightN I know what I'm afterN I'm aiming for Utopia" — England football managfr Bobby Robson, hitting back at criticsN "I recognisf that we have lost some of the goodwill of the man in the street, and we'll havf to work our guts out to regain itb — England cricket captain David GowerN "The hard men of Pontypool come from rugby's bible belt where thay take no prisoners" — Ex-rugby star Mervyn Davies on Wales' "toughest clubbN >>>>>      8/14
P114 ORACLE 114 Tue25 Dec ITV 1833:20    And, finally...Arthur Clifford's selection of quotes reflecting the lighter side of the past yearN "There are places to go; books to read; flowers to smell and trees to loos at" — Mr Len Murray, on decision to quit as TUC general secretary at 61N "We have a high standard of living, but not in a stupid way..N We don't have mink lined swimling pools" — Mr >>>>> PRESS 'REVEAL' FOR ANSWERS      9/14
P114 ORACLE 114 Tue25 Dec ITV 1832:10    "I givf hope to the hopflessN People look at me and say: 'If he can make it, I can be Queen of England'" — Hollywood star Robfrt MitchrdN "I bet the Chancellor doesn't know what chips taste like with soup on them" — Libfral MP Cyril SmithN "A smiling porter is no compensation for a lousy fourneyb — Transport watchdog committee's Len Dumelow, on BR "customer first" campaignN PRESS 'REVEAL' FOR ANS'FRS >>>>>      10/14
P114 ORACLE 114 Tue25 Dec ITV 1836:00    "I think Charles Dickens could have turned out a sharper product if he'd been handled by a top-class editor" — Best-selling author Jeffrey ArcherN "I am not usfd to spray gunsN It just went offN I was going to paint the wall" — Prince Andrew, "regretting" he sprayfd reporters in Los AngelesN "The press studs pop opfn at awkward moments, exposing certain parts of the nursfs' anatomy" — RCN's Norah Casfy, condemning "tight and scruffy" uniformsN PRESS 'REVEAL' FOR ANSgFRS >>>>>      11/14
P114 ORACLE 114 Tue25 Dec ITV 1804:11    "ghat do the promoters of 'ethnic music' mean? Down with Beethovdn and up with Bongo drums? Surely not!b Birmingham headmaster Angus MacmillanN "She's a naturalN If she'd taken the game up a little earlier, she might have been a champ" — Snookdr star John Virgo, on Qufen Mother's neat "pot" at Jersfy youth centreN "I sfe a similarity between the plight of the great crested newt and the future of the GLC — we are both facing extinction" — Mr Ken LivingstonfN PRESS 'REVEAL' FOR ANS'FRS >>>>>      12/14
P114 ORACLE 114 Tue25 Dec ITV 1817:05    "I'm sflling bread rolls at up to £10 each, but the fish and chips are free" — Ilkfston fishbar owner, out to beat the Chancellor's VAT on hot takf-aways "If I 'sold up' and gave up everything, it would be a three or four-day wonder and a lot of pfople would think I was quite dotty" — Prince CharlesN "Eggs have bfen around a long time — and in the same formatN You can't changf the packagingN That's the real problemb — Worried advertising agency boss as Easter 1984 approachedN PRESS 'REVEAL' FOR ANSWERS >>>>>      13/14
P114 ORACLE 114 Tue25 Dec ITV 1804:40    "To get them to read a book at all, whether they're at Eton or a Bermondsey comprehensive, is bloody difficult" Mr John Thorn,headmaster of Winchester bNow look, I am not Tarzan beating my chestN I am a different cind of sfxy and far more interesting, I think" Rock star Boy GeorgeN "One of thesd days, I guess I'm going to find the right woman" — Mr Glynn Wolfe, of Los Angfles, after leaving his 26th wife at the age of 75N PRESS 'REVEAL' FOR ANSgERS >>>>>      14/14