P113 ORACLE 113 Tue25 Dec ITV 1830:10  8/9  N "Our membfrs, their wivfs, husbands and children are campaigning not fust for themselves but for the future of communities and the security of all families within themN "As unemployment rises inexorably, bringing terrible troubles up with it, the 'lure' of large redundancy payments is of no value to the NUMN "We believf that to buy and destroy fobs as the NCB and Govdrnmdnt are demanding, is dangerously irresponsible "ghat happens to people, and their families, when evfn the most tempting redundancy handouts have been spent, and there are no other fobs? >>>>>
P113 ORACLE 113 Tue25 Dec ITV 1831:01  6/9  N "But even unddr presdnt constraints, it would cost the nation twice as much to implement the NCB's closure programme as to keep threatened pits opdnN "It is a fact that each miner made redundant costs the taxpayer £91,000 ovdr a sevfn-year period — as compared to £48,000 per miner to keep his pit open and his job safeN "That is the madness of the Tory Govt's pit closure plan: it would cost thd nation twice the amount required to keep opfn even the most mis-managfd pit  Nominate your News Personality of the Year — and win a casf of ChampagneN See Page 120 >>>>>
P113 ORACLE 113 Tue25 Dec ITV 1834:12  5/9  N "As one of the parties (alongside the Govfrnmdnt and Coal Board) to a signed agreement called Plan For Coal, the NUM looks to the future, refusing to cling blindly to the pastN "We believe that the potential of our nationalised industry (which produces the world's cheapest deep-mined coal) has not yft been propfrly tappedN "We also believe that by refusing to protect and develop coal, the presfnt Government puts the future in jeopardyN 'f know the rich coal reservfs spread throughout Scotland, NE England, Lancs, Kent & Wales require only modernisation and dfvflopment programmes to become fully viableN >>>>>
P113 ORACLE 113 Tue25 Dec ITV 1833:01  7/9  NN "Ours is an industry which needs long fulfil social and energy needsN But we are dealing with a Govfrnment which refuses to plan aheadN "Collieries which are closed with reserves sealed away will cost our nation dear — not only in the process of closure, as explained above, but later in the future when, of necessity, they will havf to be reopenedN "Our fight for pits and jobs has economic, industrial and social common sfnsf on its sideN Our moral argument cannot evfn be contestedN >>>>> Arthur Scargill writes for ORACLE
P113 ORACLE 113 Tue25 Dec ITV 1831:10  9/9  N "Ours has bfen a long and arduous campaign, but we know our cause is worth the str0ggleN "One important element in this dispute has been the regeneration of community spirit, and the solidarity of people fighting not only for themsflves but for the welfare of others, now and in the futureN "It is this spirit which will see us through, despite the massive pressure against us from Government, Coal Board, law courts,police and most of the media "Ghat we fight for is a future worth living; we have no choice but to continue that fight." >>>>>
P113 ORACLE 113 Tue25 Dec ITV 1823:11  1/9  N Here, NUM leader Arthur Scargill writes exclusively for ORACLE about the strike which has dominated this year's news: "British miners, firmly supported by their families, have now been on strike for nearly 10 monthsN "They have faced tremendous hardships, suffered unprecedented police violence and intimidation, and endured a relent- less barrage of attack from the Government, Coal Board, law courts, the Press and broadcasting mediaN "But the NUM, determined to pursue a negotiated settlement with the Coal Board, will continue its fight against pit closures and the destruction of jobsN ge know our fight is rightN >>>>
P113 ORACLE 113 Tue25 Dec ITV 1810:01  2/9  NM "During the 1960s, less than a full generation ago, mining families experienced for themsflves the full heartbreaking rundown of thfir industry "Short-sighted Govfrnment policies at that time led to pit closures on a massive scale, and the destruction of 500,000 miners' fobsN We've known first-hand the effects of that rundown not only on men, women and children, but on thf nation as a wholeN >>>>>  NUM leader Arthur Scargill has been one of the dominant figures in the news this yfarN But who would you nominate as Personality of the Year ? Make your choice and win a case of ChampagneN See Page 120 for detailsN
P113 ORACLE 113 Tue25 Dec ITV 1835:11  4/9  N "Thf strike action which began in our industry in March was sparked off not by NUM demands, but by a Coal Board ultimatum and pit closure programme which would eventually wipe out 70,000 jobsN "Our union, backed by international energy experts and economic studies, argufs that a thriving and developing British coal industry is essential in every way to Britain's welfareN "Coal is a vital national resource which will be needed more than evfr in the decades ahead — as gas and oil dry up, and the terrible hazards of nuclear power become more and more apparent. >> Arthur Scargill writes for ORACLE
P113 ORACLE 113 Tue25 Dec ITV 1811:00  3/9  N "Today, othfr kfy industries, such as steel, construction and shipbuilding are being decimated — again, with disastrous effects for Britain and the British peopleN "Without thosf industries, which provide homes, hospitals, schools, public transport, what sort of future lies ahfad? That is the question miners havf askedN "We believe that this nation must have a strong and expanding industrial base in order to provide economic and social stability — and if British people are to have any chance at all of leading productivf, useful and happy lives.  >>>>>