P426 ORACLE 426 Mon26 Apr ITV 1900:00  2/2    FILM REVIEW BY ALAN FRANK Monday 26th April (afternoon) TROTTIE TRUE (1949) Jean Kent, J—mes Donald. Handsomely mounted period film with Jean Kent revelling in the role of the turn-of-the-century music hall perform- er who ends up as a Duchess. Her rise to the peerage is by way of a stint as a Gaiety Girl,to say nothing of an even more literal rise when she falls for balloonist Andrew Craford who is rapidly attracted to our heroine when his balloon crashes in her back garden. Bill Owen, Hugh Sinclair and Michael Medwin provide sterling support. TV Programmes follow >>
P426 ORACLE 426 Mon26 Apr ITV 1900:00   TV  P2OGRAMMES  MONDAY 1.30 VAN DER VALK 2.30 FILM: TROTTIE TRUE 3.30 THE FALKLAND ISLANDS SPECIAL Programme time changes to be announced 4.45 MURPHY'S MOB 5.15 GAMBIT 5.45 NEWS 6.00 ABOUT ANGLIA 6.30 BENSON 7.00 NATURE WATCH 7.30 CORONATION STREET see 122/199 8.00 UNION CASTLE 8.30 WORLD IN ACTION see 120 9.00 MINDER 10.00 NEWS / gEATHER 10.45 ANGLIA REPORTS 11.15 THRILLER 12.40 SIGNS OF THE SEVEN / CLOSEDOWN  SEND OFF FOR A PRINTED ORACLE INDEX SEE PAGE 372