P415 ORACLE 405 Mon26 Apr ITV 1859:59  1/3  TV  P2OGS  TUESDAY 9.35 FOR SCHOOLS see 119 12.00 BUTTON MOON Bertie and Gertie have three wishes 12.10 LET'S PRETEND the story of the Cheesemaker and the Mouse 12.30 THE SULLIVANS Grace wants to sfe Geoff's headmaster 1.00 NEWS with PETER SISSONS 1.20 THAMES NEWS with ROBIN HOUSTON 1.30 CROgN COURT Was Felicity Carline pushed or did she slip in the off licence 2.00 AFTERNOON PLUS JOHN LILL offers viewers a preview of his piano concerts with MAVIS NICHOLSON 2.45 MY FATHER'S HOUSE Anna'u routine is interrupted by some news 3.45 HOME SWEET HOME Tony is bullied at school