P405 ORACLE 405 Mon26 Apr ITV 1901:00  3/3  TV  P2OGS  TUESDAY 8.00 SORRY I'M A STRANGER HERE MYSELF Tom and Doreen's exotic restau- rant should have warned Henry 8.30 THE MORECAMBE AND WISE SHOW with DIANE KEEN and VALERIE MINIFIE 9.00 THE BRACK REPORT see 122 10.00 NEWS with SANDY GALL and ALASTAIR BURNETT followed by THAMES NEWS 10.45 MIDWEEK SPORTS SPECIAL Highlights of the Home International between Wales and England 11.55 CRYING OUT LOUD A new series for teenagers tonight deals with the use of hard drugs 00.10 CLOSE / SIT UP AND LISTEN with Mary Craig / CLOSE  THOMSON HOLIDAYS UNIQUE OFFER TO ORACLE VIEWERS... page 370
P405 ORACLE 405 Mon26 Apr ITV 1901:00  2/3  TV  P2OGS  TUESDAY  4.15 PORKY PIG cartoon 4.20 ON SAFARI RICHARD O'SULLIVAN foins CHRISTOPHER BIGGINS 4.45 CB TV-CHANNEL 14 More CB TV news plus a mysterious guest 5.15 THE BRADY BUNCH Cousin Oliver is convined he is a jinx 5.45 NEWS 6.00 THAMES NEWS presented by ANDREW GARDNER and RITA CARTER 6.25 HELP ! see 125 6.35 CROSSROADS Doris Luke gives her answer 7.00 HORACE loves dancing and music and finds the two entertaining 7.30 GIVE US A CLUE JHMMY JEWEL,ROBIN NEDWELL & IRENE HANDEL are guests later programmes follow >
P405 ORACLE 405 Mon26 Apr ITV 1901:01  1/3  TV  P2OGS  TUESDAY 9.35 FOR SCHOOLS see 119 12.00 BUTTON MOON Bertie and Gertie have three wishes 12.10 LET'S PRETEND the story of the Cheesemaker and the Mouse 12.30 THE SULLIVANS Grace wants to see Geoff's headmaster 1.00 NEWS with PETER SISSONS 1.20 THAMES NEWS with ROBIN HOUSTON 1.30 CROWN COURT Was Felicity Carline pushed or did she slip in the off licence 2.00 AFTERNOON PLUS JOHN LILL offers viewers a preview of his piano concerts with MAVIS NICHOLSON 2.45 MY FATHER'S HOUSE Anna's routine is interrupted by some news 3.45 HOME SWEET HOME Tony is bullied at school