P404 ORACLE 404 Mon26 Apr ITV 1901:10  2/2  TV  P2OGS  MONDAY 7.30 CORONATION STREET see 122/199 8.00 UNION CASTLE Red Betty, the union secretary arrives and disturbs the peace at the castle 8.30 WORLD IN ACTION see 120 9.00 MINDER Arthur lands in some tough restaurant rivalry 10.00 NEWS with SANDY GALL and SELINA SCOTT followed by THAMES NEWS 10.45 LOOKS FAMILIAR Denis Norden reminisces with celebrity guests 11.15 THRILLER Husband & wife team are hired to protect an eccentric millionaire 00.20 CLOSE / SIT UP AND LISTEN with Mary Craig / CLOSE  THOMSON HOLIDAYS UNIQUE OFFER TO ORACLE VIEWERS......see page 370
P404 ORACLE 404 Mon26 Apr ITV 1900:21  1/2  TV  P2OGS  MONDAY 4.15 PORKY PIG is given horseshoes 4.20 THE SOOTY SHOW Sooty and Soo can't wake Sweep 4.45 MURPHY'S MOB Evil is defeated and virtue is rewarded for the time being 5.15 GAMBIT The Betts play the Hiltons for prizes 5.45 NEWS 6.00 THAMES NEWS presented by ANDREG GARDNER and RITA CARTER 6.25 HELP ! see 125 6.36 CROSS2OADS Doris Luke gets a starling offer 7.00 NATURE WATCH GEORGE ARCHIBALD saves beautiful birds at his santucary Later programmes follow>