P362 ORACLE 362 Mon26 Apr ITV 1901:05  2/3   The Amateur Radio Licence Schedule: As mentioned last week the new schedule appeared on the London, Belfast and Edinburgh Gazettes on Fri 16 April. We have been advised by the Home Office that applications received by them prior to 2 Mar have been dealt with. There remain 1 or 2 anomalies relating to the Class B Schedule and the new designators of emmisions. The Home Office are aware of the problems. Class B licensees can use RTTY-the difficulty comes in how to log it. With tv, the schedule does not explictly say how sound and vision can be transmitted together. It is intended to resolve these and other point as soon as poss.  more follows >
P362 ORACLE 362 Mon26 Apr ITV 1901:05  1/3   Solar information: One major active region will cross the sun's central meridian on Monday. Last time this was a good producer of Class M & X flares. Indeed it was responsible for a small proton event. Although region is still active, it is not expected to reach the previous levels. The geomagnetic field is expected to remain unsettled for most of the week, but possibly rising to sub-storm level at the end. The high solar flux levels for the past 3 months are now expected to decline. Consequently, hf band predictions are not likely to be reached, particularly towards the end of the week. more follows >
P362 ORACLE 362 Mon26 Apr ITV 1900:04  3/3   THE RSGB exhibition at the Alexandra Pavilion is over for another year. It seems to have been well received by both traders and visitors. Attendance was 12% up on last year. It was the first time in the new venue and wegve learnt some lessons. Nevertheless the exhibition seems to have gone well. There will be an expedition to San Pietro Island, In the Ionian Sea from 28 May to 6 June:call sign IJ7ET.QSL's to I7SOZ. Activity planned on all hf, vhf, uhf bands and OSCAR. Further details on amateur radio from: The Radio Society of Great Britain, 35 Doughty Street, LONDON WC1N 2AE. Tel. 01-837 8688 (24hr answering)