P356 ORACLE 356 Mon26 Apr ITV 1900:03  2/5         BOTTLED WATER In July 1980 the EEC issued a directive for member countries regarding bottled water.By 1984 it must have reached specified standards of chemical,mineral and bacterial content.The EEC has divided water into three categories: "eau de table" is bottled from public or private supplies,having been treated and minerals added. "eau de source" is spring water.It can be still or naturally or artificially carbonated. "eau minerale naturelle" is awarded this title by the French Ministry of Public Health because of theraputic ingredientsn more follows >
P356 ORACLE 356 Mon26 Apr ITV 1903:02  4/5         SPARKLING BOTTLED WATER 70% of the bottled water we drink is sparkling,the most popular brand being Perrier.It is used as an alternative to other mixers or with lemon as a drink on its own. Fizzy water is more expensive than still,costing from 40 to 55p per litre or 1\ litre. The current trend is to carbonate still water.Sparkling Malvern Water was launched last year & Sparkling Buxton Spring Water will be available soon. Perrier,Badoit and St Yorre are naturally carbonated.Their bubbles tend to be gentler and more easily digestable. still water follows >
P356 ORACLE 356 Mon26 Apr ITV 1900:02  1/3         BOTTLED WATER Bottled spring and mineral waters are widely available from grocers,pubs and restaurants.They are becoming popular for the following reasons:- -dissatisfaction with the taste of chemically purified tap water -growing recognition of the healthy attributes of mineral water Mtravel abroad means that more people have experienced mineral water -the realisation that tap water has already passed through several people -it is now fashionable to drink bottled water,especially the sparkling kind more follows >
P356 ORACLE 356 Mon26 Apr ITV 1904:40  5/3         STILL BOTTLED WATER In the 19th century people visited spa towns to "take the waters" as a way of recuperating from the food and drink excesses of the day. Most of these waters taste unpleasant as they have a high mineral content.But Malvern water has been bottled for 350 years and,along with Evian,is the most popular still spring water. Still spring water has always been preferred to tap water with malt whisky and is available in most good pubs and hotels.Brands such as Highland Spring are aimed at this market. more follows >
P356 ORACLE 356 Mon26 Apr ITV 1901:43  3/5         SPRING WATER Spring or mineral water is very pure because it has been filtered through rock over a long period of time,twenty years in the case of Buxton water. The mineral content of spring water is said to have health-giving properties. All spring water dissolves minerals on its journey to the surface.But some have more than others,eg.Evian water is low in mineral content. The break-down is usually: Calcium Carbonate; Magnesium Sulphate; Magnesium Chloride; Sodium Chloride; Silica; Sodium Nitrate and Potassium Nitrate in order of quantity. more follows >