P352 ORACLE 352 Mon26 Apr ITV 1901:41  4/6     SHORT CROSS-CHANNEL FERRY ROUTES TOWNSEND THORESEN hold the Blue Riband award for speedy crossings Dover/ Calais,reservations:0304 203388.Costs for driver and car are from £20 to £51 standard or £15 for a 5 day trip off- season. HOVERSPEED,reservations:(Thanet) 0843 55555 or (London) 01-499 9481,operate Dover to Boulogne and Calais,and Ramsgate to Calais.They charge £35 to £45 for vehicles regardless of length.This means that a Mini is dgarer than on a ferry,a Cortina is similarly priced and longer cars are cheaper. more follows >
P352 ORACLE 352 Mon26 Apr ITV 1901:42  6/6     LONG CROSS-CHANNEL FERRY ROUTES TOWNSEND THORESEN,reservations:0304- 203388 operate Portsmouth / Le Havre, Portsmouth / Cherbourg, Southampton/ Le Havre, Southampton / Cherbourg. Sailing times vary from 4\ to 6\ hours. It will cost between £27 and £68 for car and driver depending on season. There are 50% reductions on the Portsmouth to Le Havre or Cherbourg routes at certain times of the day for caravans and trailers.Berths cost from £18 to £30 on night sailings. more follows >
P352 ORACLE 352 Mon26 Apr ITV 1900:02  1/6     CROSSING THE CHANNEL This winter's price war by continental ferry operators has been followed by much simpler price structures.But it is still difficult to sort out which company to travel with. Ferrysave Tours can do the job for you by sorting out the bargains Prices include personal and motor insurance. Write to:1 Nugent Terrace London NW8, or telephone 01-286 5000 for brochure. Off-peak charges may be up to half price for a short break,or 25% off for a 5 day trip.Its also cheaper to travel at night or early morning or on the quieter week-days. more follows >
P352 ORACLE 352 Mon26 Apr ITV 1901:02  3/6     SHORT CROSS-CHANNEL FERRY ROUTES SEALINK,Tel:01-834 8122 operate Dover/ Calais,Dover/Dunkerque,Folkestone/ Calais and Folkestone/Boulogne.Fares for vehicle and driver are from £19.50 to £47. SALLY,The Viking Line,are the newest company operating between Ramsgate & Dunkerque (a good route for travell- ing to Belgium).From May 1st there will be introductory special offers. Cars up to 5.5 metres £24,passengers £4 and two children under 14 free. Between July 1st and September 5th a car will cost £30,passenger £8. more follows >
P352 ORACLE 352 Mon26 Apr ITV 1900:01  5/6     LONG CROSS-CHANNEL FERRY ROUTES SEALINK,Tel:01-834 8122 runs the Weymouth to Cherbourg service,costing between £36 & £58 for vehicle and driver. BRITTANY FERRIES run services between Plymouth & Roscoff (6hrs) & Portsmouth & St Malo (9hrs) is £40 to £85 return with a car.You can save on a night's hotel bill by booking a berth for between £19 and £28 for two. P & O operate between Southampton and Le Havre,tel:0703 331431.Prices vary from £26 to £83 for vehicle with driver. more follows >
P352 ORACLE 352 Mon26 Apr ITV 1900:43  2/6     SHORT CROSS-CHANNEL FERRY ROUTES: The ferry crossing takes from 1} to 2 hours or only 35 minutes by hovercraft Choosing the route depends on how much driving time you need the other side of the Channel. P&O FERRYTOURS,reservations:0703331431 operate between Dover and Boulogne. Vehicle with driver ranges from £20 to £69.Caravans and trailers can travel free in winter,or cost up to £40, depending on length. Their Freewheeler deal is a day return with your car for £40.The offer lasts until 31st May. more follows >