P346 ORACLE 346 Mon26 Apr ITV 1901:01  5/10     CHEAPER OPTION But this new ZX81 adaptor is also good news for deaf people who are interested in Vistel, but can't afford 2 Vistels. This is because a Vistel will 'talk' on a direct line to one of these new adap- tors - or any Prestel terminal. The Sinclair ZX81 computer can be bought over the counter from W.H.Smith. With the adaptor the cost of the terminal will be about £150 - less than half the cost of a second Vistel.   More in a moment......... 
P346 ORACLE 346 Mon26 Apr ITV 1900:40  8/10     SOME USEFUL FUNCTIONS To sum up, thesf new & relatively cheap Prestel adaptors offer deaf people some useful facilities in the field of typed telephone messages. They will 'talk' to a Vistel DCT, and you may be able to use some of the DCT servicesN But they will never do everything that a Vistel does. And they are not port- able - you can't carry them around with you in a briefcase.   BAHOH weekend................ 
P346 ORACLE 346 Mon26 Apr ITV 1900:01  2/10     PRESTEL COMES A STEP CLOSER Until today, Prestel has been beyond the reach of most deaf people. The equipment and the running costs have been too expensive. But Prestel have now announced the winners of their compftition, to design a cheap adaptor that will link a Sinclair ZX81 personal computer to the Prestel system. This adaptor has far-reaching implica- tions for the future of the deaf tele- phone, and will try to explain why.   More in a moment...... 
P346 ORACLE 346 Mon26 Apr ITV 1901:40  1/10        ORACLE, Craven House,  25-32 Marshall Street,  London W1 ITV Programmes with ORACLE subtitles: Monday 26th April 7.30pm: CO ONATIONSTREET Wednesday 28th April 7.30pm: CORONATION STREET Monday 3rd May 7.30pm: CO ONATIONSTREET Tuesday 4th May 10.30pm: THE HUMAN RACE Wednesday 5th May 7.30pm: CORONATION STREET   Prestel comes a step closer... 
P346 ORACLE 346 Mon26 Apr ITV 1913:42  6/10     NO BACK TO BACK FUNCTION There is one major snag about these Prestel terminals. Because they are designed to give you access to Prestel, they can't 'talk' to each other. So if you buy one of these new ZX81 adaptors, you won't be able to ring someone else with a ZX81 adaptor. You will have to go through the computer, using Prestel mailbox. But there are two other things that you will be able to do with them in time.   More in a moment............... 
P346 ORACLE 346 Mon26 Apr ITV 1900:40  9/10     BAHOH WEEKEND IN JULY The British Assn for the Hard of Hear- ing are running another course to train volunteer helpers, or 'social service advisorsg. The course is being hgld over the week- end of 9/11 July at Easthampstead Park, Wokingham, Berks. No charge is made, but those attending should be prepared to fund their own travel expenses.   More in a moment............ 
P346 ORACLE 346 Mon26 Apr ITV 1901:00  10/10     TRAINED TO HELP OTHERS The purpose of the BAHOH weekend 9/11 Lvly, is to train volunteer 'social service advisorsg. After the training, they have the knowledge to help hard of hearing people with a aids or services available. Further info from Ralph Hawley, 9 Rowton Close, Apley Park, Wellington, Telford, Salop. * * * * * Earshot is updated twice a week. News and views welcomed. Address: 64 New Cavendish St,London W1N   Subtitled programmes......... 
P346 ORACLE 346 Mon26 Apr ITV 1902:40  4/10     MAILBOX CHA2GES NOT TOO HIGH The new ZX81 adaptor, announced today (Friday), is good news for deaf people who already have the ZX81 personal computer (just under £70). They will be able to look at pages from Prestel for under £100 - when the adaptor is in full production. They will also be able to use the Prestel Mailbox, to leave messages for other Prestel mailbox users. Mail box charges are not too high. Registration is free. The time charges for typing in or looking at a message are 4p a minute, but 1p a minute for evenings/weekends.  More in a moment..............
P346 ORACLE 346 Mon26 Apr ITV 1900:00  7/10     TWO EXTRAS IN TIME The first valuable 'extra' that Prestel will offer is to allow you to use most of the services set up for DCT users, such as link-ups. You might be able to use the 999 service. But if you had the number you would have to type your name /address & what you need each time. (This Vistel transmits this information automatically, when you press two buttons in the right order). The second 'extra' is that you will soon be able to use Prestel for any electronic mail service. More of that another time.   To sum up..................... 
P346 ORACLE 346 Mon26 Apr ITV 1902:00  3/10     LESS THAN MOST OTHERS Prestel is the name for British Telecom's public viewdata system. If you have Prestel on your TV, and a telephone,you can look at about 200,000 pages of information, which are sent down the telephone line to your set by the Prestel computer. But to look at any one of these pages you have to have a speciaL Prestel adaptor attached to your TV set. This new ZX81 adaptor is designed to sell for £80 - much less than most others on the market.  More in a moment.............. 