P328 ORACLE 328 Mon26 Apr ITV 1901:00  6/10    NEg RELEASE reviewed by ALAN FRANK THE CHALLENGE (X) Scott Glen, Toshiro Mifune Despite glossy production values, it's the same old Martial Arts malarkey as American Glenn becomes dangerously involved in a bloody feud over a pair of ceremonial swords in present-day Japan. Admittedly, there is a certain raw energy in the frequent bursts of violence but the action soon tends to appear repetitive and tedium largely outweights tension. The movie marks yet another downward step in director John Frankenheimer's career and,for me, the only real challenge I faced was trying to keep my eyes open until thg end.  Cinema review follows >>
P328 ORACLE 328 Mon26 Apr ITV 1903:41  5/10    GENERAL RELEASE review by ALAN FRANK EVIL UNDER THE SUN (A) Peter Ustinov, Maggie Smith, A rare treat for all whodunnit fans as Ustinov's Hercule Poirot investigates a complex murder on an Adriatic island in the 30's, with Anthony Shaffer's clever and witty script providing all the red herrings, plot twists and plethora of suspects one expects from an Agatha Christie adaptation. The starry cast, which includes V—lfs Mason and Roddy McDowall, make the most of their lines and the situations and Diana Rigg is splendidly memorable with her delicious line in bitchery. A solidly crafted and thoroughly enjoy- able piece of work.  more follows >
P328 ORACLE 328 Mon26 Apr ITV 1902:40  3/10    GENERAL RELEASE Reviewed by ALAN FRANK CHARIOTS OF FIRE (A) Ben Cross, Ian Charleson. This Oscar winning British film is a moving and exciting work that leaves you cheering and proud to be British. Colin Welland's first rate script also won an Oscar.It follows the efforts of two very different men to win Gold Medals at the 1924 Paris Olympics and Cross and Charleson, in their first movie roles,turn in star performances, ably backed by the rest of the cast. Hugh Hudson, making his feature film debut, never puts a foot wrong as he takes you breathlessly past the finish- ing tape with the runners. The picture is a real winner. Not to be missed!  more follows >
P328 ORACLE 328 Mon26 Apr ITV 1901:58  2/10    GENERAL RELEASE reviewed by ALAN FRANK ON GOLDEN POND (A) Katharine Hepburn, Henry FondaN Fonda and Hepburn, teamed for the first time both won Oscars for their superb performances as a retired professor and his wife on holiday at their New England lakeside cottageN He grumbles at the approach of his 80th birthday, she is serenely indifferent to her age. The core of the film is the marvellous relationship between Fonda and the 13-year-old son of his daughter's boy- friend, left with him for the summer. The result is a moving and funny picture that deserves to be seen and savoured by everyone who enfoys perfection in entertainment.  more follows >
P328 ORACLE 328 Mon26 Apr ITV 1900:01  8/10    GENERAL RELEASE reviewed by ALAN FRANK VISITING HOURS (X) Lee Grant, William Shatner. Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the cinema, yet another movie maniac strikes. This time it's Michael Ironside, giving a chillingly realistic performance as he stalks hospitalized tv journalist Ms Grant to finish her off after his first murderous attack fails. Director Jean-Claude Lord racks qp the suspense and gore and creates a stifling atmosphere of terror, so that disbelief is effectively suspended until afterwards. It's good of its type but it's not for those with weak nerves - or for anyone about to enter a hospital !  more follows >
P328 ORACLE 328 Mon26 Apr ITV 1900:00  10/10    GENERAL RELEASE reviewed by ALAN FRANK THE HUNTER (AA) Steve McQueen, Kathryn Harrold McQueen's role (based on a real-life character) is that of a contemporary bounty hunter tracking down bail fumpers for the reward money and it gives him a few chances to execute the sort of macho antics that made BULLITT a hit. Sadly, there are too many longueurs in the episodic script and the romantic sub-plot isn't interesting enough to make up for the lack of narrative drive. It all too often resembles strung-together episodes from an unshown tv series and it's very much a curate's egg - exciting in parts but unmemorable as a whole.  more follows >
P328 ORACLE 328 Mon26 Apr ITV 1902:51  4/10    GENERAL RELEASE Reviewed by ALAN FRANK GREGORY'S GIRL (A) Gordon John Sinclair, Dee Hepburn Bill Forsyth's memorable first feature, THAT SINKING FEELING was certainly no flash in the pan as this splendid comedy provesN Here he depicts the fumbling efforts of Sinclair's 16-year- old Scottish schoolboy to win the love of Ms Hepburn's self-assured football playing fellow pupil: it is sheer foy from start to finish. The film is warm funny and filled with writer-director Forsyth's marvellously surrealistic views of adolescence. I enjoyed every minute of it and rate it as one of the best British films I've seen. more film reviews follow>
P328 ORACLE 328 Mon26 Apr ITV 1900:40  1/10    NEW RELEASE reviewed by ALAN FRANK THE BORDER (X) Jack Nicholson, Valerie Perrine Nicholson, as mannered as ever, plays a cop with a conscience in the Border Patrol in El Paso, trying to prevent illegal Mexican immigrants from coming into the United States, and trying to avoid the corruption of his fellow guards. He, and co-stars Harvey Keitel and Warren Oates, who try hard but are finally defeated by the awful script, should have tried to avoid the picture. Much of the blame lies with the quite terrible direction of Tony Richardson. But, if you bother to go and see it, then you'll only have yourself to blame  Cinema review follows >>
P328 ORACLE 328 Mon26 Apr ITV 1900:40  9/10    GENERAL RELEASE reviewed by ALAN FRANK ESCAPE FROM NEg YORK (AA) Kurt Russell, Donald Pleasence Director John Carpenter - who made the superb HALLOWEEN and THE FOG - scores again with a hugely enjoyable science fiction thrillerN Russdll plays a hardened criminal sent into the walled prison city of New York in 1997 to frde US President Pleasence, capturdd and hdld to ransom by vicious convict gang leader Isaac Hayes.. Script, direction, art direction and a musical performance by Russell all combine to produce a fast moving and throughly entertaining movie that proves that Carpenter's talent is certainly no flash in the pan. Unmissable.  more follows >
P328 ORACLE 328 Mon26 Apr ITV 1914:41  7/10    GENERAL RELEASE Reviewed by ALAN FRANK CALIGULA (X) Malcolm McDowell, Teresa Ann Savoy Gore Vidal's biography of the depraved emperor has been vulgarised to include as much sex and nudity as the censor would pass - and in this shabby case, there's quite a lot. Despite some star names in the cast - including Peter O'Toole,Helen Mirren and, very sadly, John Gielgud,the movie is still nothing more than a tawdry, if slicky made, piece of exploitative pornography that really isn't worth the time or money to go and see it. Despite the claims made for it, it's simply trite,tedious and almost monumentally tastelessN Miss it. more film reviews follow >