P326 ORACLE 326 Mon26 Apr ITV 1900:19 ORACLE    SKY 4-FORTHCOMING by SKY (Ariola) As the title suggests, this is the 4th LP from Sky since their formation four years ago, and on their past record (2 out of 3 albums have gone platinum) it is likely to be a success. "Forthcoming" is a collection of compo- sitions by some of the worlds greatest composers. Katchaturian's "Masquerade" stands out from the rest of the rather predictable recordings. The band have done nothing to improve upon Jaques Loussier's superior jazz interpretation of Bach's "Fantasy", and Tristram Fry's frantic often irrelevant drum rolls ruin any of the remaining tracks which may otherwise have worked. Its a well produced LP, but really rather dull.  another review follows >