P324 ORACLE 324 Mon26 Apr ITV 1900:56  2/4  ORACLE  READS   BOOK REVIEW FROM DEREK PARKER THE WYNNE DIARIES, ed. Anne Freemantle Pub. O.U.P Price £3.50 An excellent selection from the diaries of two sisters,who started them at the ages of 10 and 9 when they were being dragged around Europe by their papa. Allowed to most adult entertainmets, they recorded them frankly (by 3am at one ball,'all the people stank terribly and where tipsy')n Later they stayed with Nelson and Lady Hamilton; Betsey married, went to sea wth her husband, was in a man 'o' war under sail and visited a slave ship, watched the Prince of Wales on night drink six brandies and a bottle of port. For all lovers of diaries - irresistable !  More follows >>
P324 ORACLE 324 Mon26 Apr ITV 1900:31  1/4  ORACLE  READS   BOOK REVIEg FROM DEREK PARKER IN THE IMAGE OF MAN Pub. Weidenfeld & Nicolson Price £7.50 The profusely illustrated catalogue of the present exhibition of Indian paint- ings and carvings at the Hayward Gall- ery in London-so far the best thing to have come out of the Festival of India. At the Hayward the richness tires the eye even more quickly than the concrete tires the feet; here, one can take one's time over the marvellous, warm humorous, erotic sculpture, the deli- cate paintings, in colour and black-and -white.There are succinct and scholarly essays and notes, which make the book a real contribution to the west's understanding of the east. An expensive paperback, but in the end good value.
P324 ORACLE 324 Mon26 Apr ITV 1901:38  3/4  ORACLE  READS   BOOK REVIEW FROM DEREK PARKER ARCHETYPE by Anthony Stevens Pub.2outledge & Kegan Paul Price £12.50 Very occasionally, comes a book on psychology which is serious enough to commend itself to the profession, yet written with sufficient flair to be readable by the interested layman. Dr Stevens, in just such a book, brings together some of the most fascinating theories of Jung and recent scientific discoveries (about for instance the two halves of the brain) and adds his own experiences with his patients and much spirited original thought. The book is not only an obviously fascinating technical work,but the reader discovers more about himself while reading it.  more follows >>
P324 ORACLE 324 Mon26 Apr ITV 1901:51  4/4  ORACLE  READS   BOOK REVIEG FROM DEREK PARKER RETURNING by Edna O'Brien Pub. Weidenfeld & Nicolson Price £6.50 Publishers find short stories difficult to sell, these days; but a large public always waits eagerly for the news from Miss O'Brien's warm, damp, sensual Ireland. These stories are about youth in that perenially fascinating country- about young love:the callousness of it, the innocence of it, the incidential and heart-breaking comedy of it. The writing has the usual irresistable blend of coolness, irony and warmth that has made this writer so deservedly popular; a slim book of nine stories each just its proper length, this is a very satisfying collection.  more follows >>