P317 ORACLE 317 Mon26 Apr ITV 1900:54  *ORACLE*  *  by Jonathan 4/4  Clogstoun  *** *** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** **** TAURUS 1982 20.4.82 to 20.5.82 Let's hope you are fit, for the coming year will keep you running! Inspiration should guide you into some very worth- while endeavours as far as the rest of society is concerned, such as charity or community activities, but if all you are interested in is a fast buck, forget it, you'll lose the lot: give gambling a wide berth. Talking of discipline, better cut down on the rich food, (not to mention the cream cakes), the alcohol and the fleshly delights too, or you'll end up in the doctor's arms. Strength comes through friends and their ideas which should help you to see better ways of using your energy elf. more follows >>>
P317 ORACLE 317 Mon26 Apr ITV 1901:34  *ORACLE*  *  * by Jonathan 1/4  Clogstoun  *** *** ****** ******** ******* w/b 26.4.82. TAURUS: You'll have to use your imagination to avoid clashes with your friends. You could be too impulsive. GEMINI: A moody and discontented week perhaps because you refuse to acknowledge a continual need for acquisition. CANCER: Renew contacts with old friends but don't expected too much sympathy from them; they have their own troubles and think you are half to blame too ! LEO: Business booms unreliably. Don't bet.  MORE FOLLOWS >
P317 ORACLE 317 Mon26 Apr ITV 1900:35  *ORACLE*  *  by Jonathan 3/4  Clogstoun  *** *** ****** ******** ******* W/b 26.4.82. CAPRICORN: If you get away from them, your worries will evaporate, and friends wll help you see your way to better things. AQUARIUS: Domestic responsibilities conflict with your career and your savings seem to be eaten up by bills. PISCES: Don't let grief over a friend obscure the promise of new ideas and places to visit: the future holds lots of good. ARIES: You must retrace your steps and sort out some outstanding business matters. However, your ability to express your- self is fluent and precise.  more follows >
P317 ORACLE 317 Mon26 Apr ITV 1901:55  *ORACLE*  *  by Jonathan 2/4  Clogstoun  *** *** ****** ******** ******* W/b 26.4.82. VIRGO: You should be in a very speculative mood and may be considering some new course of study,or a journey.Your ideas at work could be most constructive LIBRA: Gossip about a friend is confusing and you may feel let down. You might even begin to doubt your ability to read character ! SCORPIO: Brooding over the misdoings of a friend is a waste of time. So is revenge, however sweet. SAGITTARIUS: A worrying week health-wise with mysterious movements in the infernal parts. Yougve taken on too much.  more follows >