P308 ORACLE 308 Mon26 Apr ITV 1901:14  1/2   1) You need paper drawing 'grids' - Write to us at KIDS GRIDS,ORACLE, LONDON SE99 6YW, enclosing a large s.a.e. & we'll send you some grids. 2) You will need some coloured pencils or paints. We use Yellow, Green, Red Light Blue, Deep Blue, Purple & White 3) The following pages carry codes for colouring squares For example to colour K8 find row K on the left hand side.Then find line 8 at the bottom.o Follow these lines across until they meet.. then colour that square green. DESIGN YOUR OWN GRIDS Send us your own KidsGrid design,with codes & we'll send you a badge & T-shirt transfer. Kid's Grid follows>
P308 ORACLE 308 Mon26 Apr ITV 1900:30 2/2 KIDS GRID No.99 from IAN BANCROFT G10-29,H10-25,H39,I10-25,I29,I35,J18, J19,J25,J29,J35,K18,K19,K25,K27,K29, L18,L19,L25,L29,M18,M19,M25,M29,M35, N10-25,N29,N35,O10-25,O29,P10-29 A22,B22,B23,B23,C24,D24,D25,E7-9,E25, E26,F26,F27,G7-9,H7-9,I7-9,M27,N7-9 O7-9,P7-9,Q7-9,Q26,Q27,R7-9,R25,R26,S24 S25,T23,T24,U22,U23,V22 I27,I30-34,J30-34,K30-34,L30-34,M30-34, N30-34 H26-28,I26,I28,J20-24,J26,J38,K20,K24, K26,K28,K31,L20,L24,L26,L28,L31,M20-24, M26,M28,N26,N28,O26-28 J33,M33 J27,N27 K21-23,L21-23,J27 Kid's Grids Instructions follow >>>