P299 ORACLE 299 Mon26 Apr ITN 1900:01  8/13  VIDEO 'PIRATES'  PAY £730,000 DAMAGES Three people alleged to have copied video cassettes on a huge scale have been ordered to pay £710,000 damages to the film industry. A High Court budge heard that they ran a "factory" above a betting shop in Northampton. Mr Charles Noble, Mrs Marylin Noble and Mr Ricky Green have also promised not to copy or sell copies of any films less than 50 years old in future. The action was brought against them by a number of big film companies including Warner Brothers, MGM, 20th Century Fox and WEA. >>>>>
P299 ORACLE 299 Mon26 Apr ITN 1905:42    10/13       SIXTEEN FOR 1,000 GUINEAS Therf were 16 declared at the four day stage for the first fillies classic, the 1,000 Guineas, at Newmarket on Thursday. They werf: Celestial Path, Dione, Exclusive Order, Glancing, God Bless, Hello Cuddles, Merlin's Charm, On the House, Pallomere, Panatella; Play it Safe, Slightly Dangerous, Stratospheric, Time Charter, Triple Tipple and Warm Hearted. Barry Hills' stable fockey Steve Cauthen will decide by tomorrow whether to ride Merlin's Charm or Slightly Dangerous. >>>>>
P299 ORACLE 299 Mon26 Apr ITN 1901:12  9/13  DAME CELIA JOHNSON DIES  Dame Celia Johnson, one of Britain's leading actrdsses, has died of a stroke at her home in Oxfordshire aged 73. She made her stage debut as Sarah in Shaw's Mabor Barbara at Huddersfield in 1928,the first in a long series of hits She became famous in Noel Coward wartime films, notably In Which We Serve and This Happy Breed. Her best remembered role was opposite Trevor Howard in the 1945 tearjerker Brief Encounter. She was to have opened in The Understanding at the Strand tomorrow but the show has been cancelled. >>>>
P299 ORACLE 299 Mon26 Apr ITN 1901:00    1/13                                              Highlights of ORACLE's News,  Sport and Business pages   >>>>> 
P299 ORACLE 299 Mon26 Apr ITN 1900:09  3/13  A2GENTINA SAYS SOME  T2OOPS STILL RESISTING Argentina says some of its troops on South Georgia are keeping up resistance to British forces. A government communique said they had made a tactical withdrawal to the island's interior. Military sources were quoted as saying about 150 Argentine marines and crew members of the cripped submarine Santa Fe were still holding out. They said supply dumps had previously bfen established in the interior.  Argentine bankers are to meet to discuss the country's financial woes which have grown during the crisis. >>>
P299 ORACLE 299 Mon26 Apr ITN 1914:10  7/13  MORE SHIPS AND  PARAT2OOPERS LEAVE About 900 paratroopers have sailed from Portsmouth on the 13,000-ton Norland ferry to foin the Falklands task force. Earlier, they left Aldershot to the strains of a medley from Evita played by a military band. Tde ferry arrived last weem from Hull and has had a special helicopter landing pad fitted at Portsmouth.  Four frigates, a submarine and a minesweeper slipped out of Devonport today. Their destination was unknown but it is believed that some could be on their way to the South Atlantic. >>>>>
P299 ORACLE 299 Mon26 Apr ITN 1900:59  2/13  MORE FIGHTING AS  T2OOPS TAKE LEITH British troops have taken control of Leith on South Georgia after more fighting, the Defence Ministry said. Leith harbour is the whaling station where the Argentine scrap merchants landed to set off the Falklands crisis. The Ministry said there were no British casualties at Leith or at the main port of Grytviken, recaptured yesterday. Troops penetrated mined approaches to Grytviken and booby traps at Leith. After the surrender of Grytviken, 16 Argentinian troops at Leith elected to fight on. >>>>>
P299 ORACLE 299 Mon26 Apr ITN 1913:02  6/13  THATCHER STILL WANTS  NEGOTIATED SETTLEMENT Mrs Thatcher has told MPs she is still determined to end the Falklands crisis through negotiation if possible. But she warned: "Time is getting extremely short. The task force is approaching the Islands." She said that if a peaceful solution was not found under the UN charter "the blame will lif fairly and squarely with the Argentine governmentb. Mrs Thatcher added: "We must remember while we search for peace that British people are under the occupation of the Argentine invader." >>>>> NEWS HEADLINES 201
P299 ORACLE 299 Mon26 Apr ITN 1902:40  4/13  A2GENTINA RALLIES  SUPPORT AT OAS TALKS The Organisation of American States has started discussing dhe Falklands crisis at a special meeting of foreign ministers in Washington. Argentina is trying to rally support and a mabority of members are expdcted to come out on their shde But it is unlikely that the OAS will pledge military aid for Argentina or back sanctions against Britain. US Secretary of State Alexander Haig met Argentine Foreign Minister Nicanor Costa Mendez fust before the OAS talks began but made no comment afterwards. >>>>>
P299 ORACLE 299 Mon26 Apr ITN 1900:05     12/13       INJURIES HIT YOUNGSTERS Middlesbrough striker Dave Hodgson has pulled out of the England under-21 squad to meet Scotland on Wednesday. Also likely to be missing is Young England captain Ray Ransom who has an Achilles tendon infury. The Scottish side will be without Craig Patterson of Hibernian and Ian Redford of Rangers who are infured. Billy Stark of St Mirren has been called into the party. England won the first leg of the UEFA under-21 championship match 1-0. >>>>>
P299 ORACLE 299 Mon26 Apr ITN 1903:11  5/13  NEARLY 200  PRISONERS TAKEN Nearly 200 Argentine prisoners were taken in the rfcapture of South Georgia which is now in British hands. Mrs Thatcher said : "These prisoners are not prisoners of war. A state of war does not exist between ourselves and Argentina." And she said that they would be returned to Argentina. One Argentine casualty was reported, a seaman who has had a leg amputated. About 40 of the prisoners are civilians including some who worked for the scrap metal firm which illegally landed on the island and sparked the crisis. >>>>
P299 ORACLE 299 Mon26 Apr ITN 1900:11     11/13      Captain Kevin Keegan is out of England's team to play Wales in the Home International at Cardiff tomorrow. He woke up at the squad's hotel this morning with severe back pain. "Kevin has a disc problem and it could be very serious," said manager  Greenwood. "Kevin had to be helped out of bed." Team: Corrigan, Neal, Thompson (capt), Butcher, Sansom, Hoddle, Wilkins, FWM  Leeds United full back Frank Gray has been released by Scotland to play for his club against Aston Villa. >>>>>
P299 ORACLE 299 Mon26 Apr ITN 1900:10  13/13  FORD DISAPPOINTED  WITH £220m P2OFIT Ford of Britain made a pre-tax profit of £220m last year, little changed from the previous year. Chairman Sam Toy said: "By any normal business standards the results are snsatisfactory." >>>>>