P1f2 ORACLE 122 Mon26 Apr ITV 1919:04  2/4    WE'LL MEET AGAIN Frhday April 23rd Tde American bomber raid on Germany has failed & Major Kiley is furious with Krasnowici, saying that the fighters should have had escortsN The threat of call-up puts Peter Mundy in a moral dilemma N He confides in Jack Blair, Landlord of The Plough, who understands his pacifist bfliefs, but still disagrees with PeterN Albert accuses Blair of corrupting his son with pacifist ideas,but he denies this. Later, the army recruiting officer turns Albert away saying he's too old- even though he died his hair black in an ap}empt to look youngerN Peter admires his father's courage & patriotism and tells him he has decided to enlist when he reaches eightfen.