P365 ORACLE 365 Sun17 Oct ITV 2211:11   1/2  DIRECTTO      YOUBYMAIL   THE MAGIC OF RICHARD CLAYDERMAN Discover why this brilliant young french pianist has sold over 25 million records around the world,on this superb double album or long-play cassette. Featuring over 80 minutes of beautiful music from emotional,classical master- pieces to todays love songs including: Moonlight Sonata, Exodus, Love Story, Moon River, My Way, La Mer, Yesterday, Bridge Over Troubled Water, Ballad for Adeline and many more. Just £6.99 including post & packing How to Order follows >>>
P365 ORACLE 365 Sun17 Oct ITV 2210:00 TELLYDISC - Direct To You By Mail 2/2 TO ORDER send cheque or P/Order payable to: Richard Clayderman Offer, Tellydisc Ltd, Room 365, Mulberry House Canning Place, Liverpool,L1 8HY. State records or cassette. Access or any visa card holders ring 01-200 0200 (room 365) or 051-708 6045 (room 365). You can also order Tellydisc records at your Post Office through Transcash at no extra charge,our account number is FREEPAY 1. If you would like a FREE catalogue send a stamped addressed envelope to:Telly- disc Ltd,13 Kensington Sq.,London W8. More follows >>>