P362 ORACLE 362 Sun17 Oct ITV 2200:11  1/3   The Home Office now have the uhf phase 6 repeater proposals under active consideration. Hopefully these Long- delayed proposals will be cleared fairly soon. There is no truth whatso- ever in a magazine article that phase 6 will not take place. The next phase which they will then be considering will be vhf phase 5. The Home Office have also advised us that licence applications received prior to 14 Aug have processed. The QSL manager for the G4RAA-RZZ series has been appointed. He is Mr J Brakespear, of the Chequers Stores, Eastchurch Road, Minister,Sheppey,Kent.  more follows >
P362 ORACLE 362 Sun17 Oct ITV 2211:10  2/3   The solar activity is expected to remain at a low level this week. The geomagnetic field which was very disturbed last rotation is likely to be less affected this time round. It could however, reach storm levels on 23 Oct due to a coronal hole. This may lead to a weak aurora, though the probability is not high. The hf band predictions could well be reached, especially towards the end of the week. A little snippet: as of 30 Sept there were 21,183 Class A Licensees and 19,048 Class B's for the UK!  more follows >
P362 ORACLE 362 Sun17 Oct ITV 2210:11  3/3   From a recent AMSAT report in their magazine "Orbit" it appears that some of their US officials have been discussing future AMSAT satellites. There are 2 launch possibilities: one on a US test vehicle where the amateur satellite will act as a mass simulator in late 1983/84. The AMSAT payload could be up to 500kg (1/2 ton)! The other possibility would be on a Ariane 4 rocket in 1985, with a payload of 1,000/2,000kg. This is equivalent to 1/2 domestic cars! Details on amateur radio from: The Radio Society of Great Britain, 35 Doughty Street, LONDON WC1N 2AE. Tel: 01-837 8688 (24hr answering)  more follows >