P346 ORACLE 346 Sun17 Oct ITV 2214:06  2/10     SDSA SNOOKER CHAMPIONSHIP The Southern Deaf Sports Association Snooker Championship was held at the Harmer House Snooker and Squash Centre at Gravesend, Kent on 9th October. For the first time in their 50 year history,prize money was offered in the competition. Jimmie Phillips of Gillingham persuaded a local hearing aid firm to sponsor the championship. The event started at 10am and ended at 10pm and there were 37 entrants. The eventual winner, Arthur Dimmock of Redhill,collected the top prize of £50 and a trophy.   More in a moment.............. 
P346 ORACLE 346 Sun17 Oct ITV 2200:02  4/10     PARACHUTE JUMP ABANDONED A deaf 65-year-old grandmother has abandoned her charity parachute fump. Iris Faulkenbridge from Prestatyn in Wales was to have made her maiden leap in July. But it was called off when she learned that she first needed a doctor's certificate. Her 2nd attempt to jump was foiled by high winds. Then her 3rd attempt was thwarted when low cloud prevented her plane from taking off. Now she says she will have to give up the jump but all was not in vain.   More in a moment................. 
P346 ORACLE 346 Sun17 Oct ITV 2203:08  8/10     NAIDEX EXHIBITION Few of the aids shown at this year's NAIDEX exhibition were of value to deaf people. But some new devices were shown that will help deaf people with additional handicaps Most of these were communicators with synthetic voice or print out to help those with speech problems. NAIDEX is an exhibition of aids for physically disabled people. It was held at Cunard International Hotel, Hammersmith on October 13-15.   More in a moment............. 
P346 ORACLE 346 Sun17 Oct ITV 2200:01  9/10     A NEW DEVELOPMENT A new development, which will enable deaf people to participate fully in meetings,conferences,etc.,is produced by Possum. Possum in conjunction with Southampton University have developed a verbatim speech transcription system based on Palantype. This code is translated back into English and displayed on a TV screen a few seconds later. It can also be printed through a computer as hard copy. Possum produce electronic systems for severely disabled people.   An improved communicator..... 
P346 ORACLE 346 Sun17 Oct ITV 2201:04  10/10     AN IMPROVED COMMUNICATOR One recommended model shown at the NAID NAIDEX exhibition of aids for the disabled was Canon Communicator, a portable ultra mini electronic type- writer with a narrow print-out. It can be worn on the wrist. Earshot is updated twice a week. 64 New Cavendish Street, London W1 Tel: 01-631-4311 (voice) 01-637 0282 (Vistel)   Subtitled programmes..... . 
P346 ORACLE 346 Sun17 Oct ITV 2214:14  3/10     THE SNOOKER CHAMPION Arthur Dimmock, who happens to be Chairman of SDSA, won the Snooker championship at Gravesend last week. Wally Hook of Brighton pocketed the runner-up prize of £25 and a trophy. David West and Michael Scott, both of Portsmouth, got £10 each for reaching the semi-finals. Arthur Dimmock also received another £25 for the highest break of the day. Residential professional Russell Jarmak supervised the matches. He has been undefeated champion of Kent for many years. He gave a fine exhibition of accurate potting and trick shots.   Parachute jump abandoned......... 
P346 ORACLE 346 Sun17 Oct ITV 2201:16  1/10      Craven House,  27-32 Marshall St,  LONDON W1V 1LL ITV Programmes with ORACLE subtitles: Monday 18th October 7.30pm: CORONATION STREET Tuesday 19th October 9.00pm: THE AGATHA CHRISTIE HOUR Wednesday 20th October 7.30pm: CORONATION STREET Sunday 24th October 7.15pm STAR WARS ITV Programmes with in vision s/titles Sunday 10th October 11.30am SOUTHWEST WEEK(TSW area)   SDSA Snooker Championship....... 
P346 ORACLE 346 Sun17 Oct ITV 2212:00  6/10     SWEDES DEAFENED BY DISCOS ? We wrote last week about the warning from a hearing expert that noisy discos could damage children's hearing. Now there is a report that ear-splitting disco music is one reason why the Swedes have failed to catch that elu- sive submarine ! This theory was put forward by their chief naval spokesman who explained it has become increasingly difficult to find conscripts who are able to listen to sonar equipment. "The hearing of many of our young men has been damaged by loud disco music," he said.   BDA Teaching pack................ 
P346 ORACLE 346 Sun17 Oct ITV 2213:00  7/10     BDA TEACHING PACK BDA's new teaching pack, mentioned on Earshot earlier this month, has been introduced in one school in Ayr. At Holmston primary school, the child- ren are now learning how difficult life can be for the deaf. Mary Lowdon, ex-teacher at Holmston and now a chairman of Ayrshire Mission to the Deaf, went back to present the teaching pack. She began by signing a message to the children, to show them what it was like to know what someone was saying,yet not be able to hear what they were saying.   NAIDEX exhibition............ 
P346 ORACLE 346 Sun17 Oct ITV 2203:01  5/10     GRANNY STILL TRIUMPHS But the deaf granny who planned to make a daring sponsored parachute jump has raised nearly £700 for Clwyd Deaf Club despite never actually getting off the ground ! Her sponsors were so impressed by the courage of Iris Faulkenbridge, 64, that they handed over their money as straight donation instead. After revisiting hundreds of sponsors she handed over a cheque to Mrs Lewis Williams, Clwyd's social worker for the Deaf, to help pay for new club premhses.   Swedes deafened by discos?....... 