P342 ORACLE 362 Sun17 Oct ITV 2214:23  3/3   From a recent AMSAT report in their magazine "Orbit" it appfars that some of their US officials have been discussing future AMSAT satellites. There are 2 launch possibilities: one on a US test vehicle where the amateur satellite will act as a mass simulator in late 1983/84. The AMSAT payload could be up to 500kg (1/2 ton)! The other possibility would be on a Ariane 4 rocket in 1985, with a payload of 1,000/2,000kg. This is equivalent to 1/2 domestic cars! Details on amateur radio from: The Radio Society of Great Britain, 35 Doughty Street, LONDON WC1N 2AE. $fl: 01-837 8688 (24hr answering)  more follows >