P326 ORACLE 326 Sun17 Oct ITV 2211:11  1/3        BRAND X - Is There Anything About? Now I know why I have never really sat down and listened to this band before. The music is very familiar, heard 10 to 15 years ago - perhaps that's what their audience are after. The classical guitar and sax are skilful and a couple of tracks are pretty, but they go nowhere, leaving them pretty boring. The arrogant sleeve note was the last straw: "anyone who doesn't like this record...will be sentenced to five years' listening to Demis Roussos". But then I don't think I've ever properly listened to him either...... (REVIEW: Veronica Greenwood) Three new singles >
P326 ORACLE 326 Sun17 Oct ITV 2200:11  2/3        Three New Singles ARE YOU MAN ENOUGH by Sheena Easton She has little to offer the young British audience anymore, but I'm sure she's making the young Americans very happy. HEART ATTACK by Olivia Newton-John The same goes for her really.Real middle-of the-road stuff that's trying not to be. YOU CAN DO MAGIC by America Produced and written by RUSS BALLARD... or was it RUSS BALLAD ? Good soporific FM playlist material. (REVIEW: Julian Newby) The Psychedelic Furs > For details of bargain price train travel see BRITISH RAIL Index p125
P326 ORACLE 326 Sun17 Oct ITV 2211:10  3/3        FOREVER NOW by The Psychedelic Furs The Furs are still in the weird-and- wonderful brigade but, with producer Todd Rundgren and a new line-up,they're now mellowing into an eerie, dream-like world of detached disillusionment. The music is haunting and swirls around a central character who is resigned to his cynicism and has found solace in the lost world of '60s introspection: "I follow where my mind goes". Lyrically, it's a dogged attempt to be the Voice of the '80s. But perhaps next time round they'll be rather less self- conscious about it. (REVIEW: Gill Hudson).  Brand X >