P317 ORACLE 317 Sun17 Oct ITV 2201:01  *ORACLE*  *  by Jonathan 2/4  Clogstoun  *** *** ****** ******** ******* w/b 18.10.82 AQUARIUS: Thoughts of a far country, or of a traveller, are a big worry. You could revise your opinion or philosophy. PISCES: Not always at your best when it comes to communicating your emotions to others, this week you must try very hard to define and say what you feel. ARIES: You'll be amazed how strong is a close friend, and find you have to reconsider your judgement. TAURUS: A critical period if you have been feeling below par. You need to get some good advice and treatment.  more follows >
P317 ORACLE 317 Sun17 Oct ITV 2200:01  *ORACLE*  *  * by Jonathan 1/4  Clogstoun  *** *** ****** ******** ******* w/b 18.10.82 LIBRA: A big week for you with some tough decisions about your home,and financial problems mount up. SCORPIO: There is a parting and sense of loss, consigning you to a period of loneli- ness, or so it seems. But distance will refine your feelings. SAGITTARIUS: Plans made, you mustn't look back, but you know you'll miss someone who has a deep influence over you. CAPRICORN: Your career prospers from the effect of an important and powerful visitor to whom you owe much.  more follows >  Motoring.....see p352
P317 ORACLE 317 Sun17 Oct ITV 2210:01  *ORACLE*  *  * by Jonathan 3/4  Clogstoun  *** *** ****** ******** ******* w/b 18.10.82 GEMINI: Recent loves get serious, and you won't be able to avoid the consequences of old promises made half-jokingly. CANCER: Trust, love, duty, commitment; those words could assume a new meaning. LEO: Aim to write a record of what happens to you from now onwards. It will help to keep your life in perspective. VIRGO: All those recent financial worries now start to fade, although there'll be be one more dark period shortly.  more follows >  Air News.....see p149
P317 ORACLE 317 Sun17 Oct ITV 2200:10  *ORACLE*  *  by Jonathan 4/4  Clogstoun  *** *** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** **** LIBRA 1982 23.9.82 to 23.10.82 If your job involves disseminating in- formation, you'll be busy this year,and the constant flow of news may be what keeps your feet on the ground when oth- ers panic.Expect changes in how people organise themselves into groups,such as trades unions and societies & families. Your own family situation could also be affected & may cause you to think very deeply about someone close, or somebody who has been a wise friend in the past may entertain some very strange ideas - almost seem to go off the rails. Since people will expect you to support them, try to make space for relaxation every day.Try to avoid long-term partnerships - there's too much change around. weekly predictions follow >