P299 ORACLE 299 Sun17 Oct ITN 2204:36   SUNTORY 12/13   WORLD MATCHPLAY   WENTWORTH Severiano Ballesteros of Spain retained his title and took the £35,000 top prize on the first extra hole. He sank a long eagle putt after the Wentworth staff had cleared water from his line in atrocious weather. Lyle had fought back from three down at lunch to level the match with only two to play. It provided a partisan gallery with the most exciting of finishes. Back at the first green for the third time, Lyle failed to match the holder's 15-foot putt and had to settle for the runner-up's purse of £18,000. >>>>>
P299 ORACLE 299 Sun17 Oct ITN 2211:04  7/13  MAN LOST AS GALES  SWEEP BRITAIN Strong winds and heavy rain swept a trail of chaos across Britain. A 32-year-old diver was drowned when a giant wave swept his van off a break- water at Port Talbot, South Wales. Three men escaped from the van and swam to safety but Mr Peter Coote was carried away in heavy seas. The weather made a search hopeless. There was flooding in Sussex, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall and the weathermen said it could prove to be one of the wettest Octobers ever. >>>>>  NEWS FROM ZANUSSI on page 369
P299 ORACLE 299 Sun17 Oct ITN 2212:10  8/13  PRINCES SUSPECTED OF  POISONING KING Two princes have been arrested in Swaziland on suspicion of poisoning their father, the late King Sobhuza. King Sobhuza died in August aged 83 after the world's longest reign. It is alleged that the princes — two of several hundred sons of the late king — gave him a poisoned preparation made up by a Malawi witch-doctor. But South African intelligence sources discount the poison theory, believing the arrests are more to do with in-fighting over the succession. >>>>>   ASSET HOLIDAYS OF A LIFETIME  FOR A LIFETIME..see page 393
P299 ORACLE 299 Sun17 Oct ITN 2201:05    1/13                                              Highlights of ORACLE's News,  Sport and Business pages   >>>>> 
P299 ORACLE 299 Sun17 Oct ITN 2213:01  9/13  GEMAYEL PL@@ FOR  LEBANON PULL-OUT Lebanese President Amin Gemayel has stepped up his demands for the removal of all foreign troops from his country. He is in New York to address the UN Gendpal Assembly and also have talks with President Reagan in Washington. Mr Gemayel said the rebuilding of Lebanon could not begin until the foreign forces had been withdrawn He is seeking pledges of political and economic support from Mr Reagan to help him extend total control over a divided and war-torn Lebanon >>>>>  PYE VIDEO 2000 — the video recorder that plays both sides of the cassette
P299 ORACLE 299 Sun17 Oct ITN 2215:01  5/13  DEVALUATION WOULD  SAVE JOBS — SHORE Shadow Chancellor Peter Shore has called for a devaluation of sterling to stop unemployment rising even further. He said public spending should be boosted to increase demand and fill the order books of manufacturing industry. But if the pound was not depreciated any increase in demand would tend to lean towards imported goods. Speaking in Birmingham, Mr Shore said it was difficult to see how unemployment could be less than four million by the end of the decade. This would result from the 1.25% growth suggested by the Government Think Tank.
P299 ORACLE 299 Sun17 Oct ITN 2204:02    11/13   DIVISION 2   HIGHLIGHTS Second Division leaders Wolves crashed to their first defeat of the season at home to lively Leicester. The normally-tight Wolves defence was beaten twice in the first-half by Wilson and Lineker and by a late goal from English. QPR go top after a convincing 4-0 win over Shrewsbury. Rangers were three up in 20 minutes through Allen, Flanagan and Micklewhite Gregory completed the scoring. Kevin Mabbutt scored the only goal of the match to give Crystal Palace the points against Oldham. >>>>>
P299 ORACLE 299 Sun17 Oct ITN 2203:11    10/13   DIVISION 1   HIGHLIGHTS Compiled by John Hunt Manchester United stay top after holding Liverpool to a goalless draw at Anfield. But they had keeper Gary Bailey to thank for making a brilliant save at the feet of Dalglish in the dying minutes. The only clubs with a chance of replacing United at the top all lost away from home. West Brom went down 2-0 at Highbury. The Arsenal goals came from Alan Sunderland and Tony Woodcock in the 15th and 24th minutes. >>>>>
P299 ORACLE 299 Sun17 Oct ITN 2201:01  WEEKEND 13/13  TOURIST  RATES Austria 29.64 Schillings Belgium 85.30 Francs Canada 2 09 Dollars Denmark 15.20 Kroner France 12.02 Francs W Germany 4.23 Marks Greece 119.00 Drachl—d Holland 4.63 Guilders Ireland 1.25 Punt Italy 2385.00 Lire Malta 0.70 Pounds Norway 12.24 Kroner Portugal 148.00 Escudos Spain 192N00 Pesetas Sweden 12 43 Kronor Switzerland 3.62 Francs USA 1.6875 Dollars Yugoslavia 112.00 Dinars FO DHGN EXCHANGE RATES 226
P299 ORACLE 299 Sun17 Oct ITN 2202:00  9/13  GEMAYEL OFF TO NEG YORK  Lebanese President Amin GeM—xdl has left Beirut for New York to address the UN General Assembly. He will also have talks with President Reagan in Washington later this week and he hopes to raise funds to help rebuild his war-shattered countryN  Aliza Begin, wife of the Israeli Prime Minister,is back in the intensivd care unit of an Israeli hospital. She has severe breathing problems and doctors say her condition has deteriorated. >>>>>  PYE VIDEO 2000 — the video record—p that plays both sides of the cassdtte
P299 ORACLE 299 Sun17 Oct ITN 2203:11  2/13  MILITANT APPLIES  TO JOIN REGISTER The Militant Tendency has formally applied to join the Labour Party register of officially accepted groups. The application will arrive at Labour headquarters tomorrow. The register was designed to expel far Left groups, with Militant Tendency specifically in mind. Militant's application will pose a crucial test of the leadership's will to carry out expulsions of extremists. The question of how to deal with Militant is likely to be raised at the meeting of the Party's National Executive on October 27. >>>>>
P299 ORACLE 299 Sun17 Oct ITN 2211:14  6/13  ULSTER GUN ATTACK  VICTIM DIES A 20-year-old Sunday school teacher shot in Belfast three weeks ago has died in hospital. Karen McKeown was shot several times in the neck as she left a congregational church hall in East Belfast following the induction of a new minister. No organisation claimed responsibility but police believe the INLA carried out the attack. Tests on the bullets showed they came from the same gun used in another attack claimed by the INLA. >>>>  FORURGENTEXPRESSPARCELDELIVERY SERVICE — DELTA DESPATCH ON page 164
P299 ORACLE 299 Sun17 Oct ITN 2210:13  4/13  EEC TO PRESS WASHINGTON  ON EAST-WEST TRADE Foreign Secretary Francis Pym said the EEC is to press Washington for a resumption of talks on East-West trade. Community foreign ministers ended a two -day informal meeting in Nyborg, Denmark, with expressions of concern over the lack of dialogue with the US. Mr Pym said he was dismayed by the lack of follow-up to talks on East bloc trade by NATO ministers in Canada. EEC chairman Uffe Ellemann-Jensen is to press the point immediately. The US provoked European anger with its embargo on the sale of technology to the Russians for their gas pipeline. >>
P299 ORACLE 299 Sun17 Oct ITN 2212:02  3/13  HIGH COURT BAN  ON MI5 BOOK Attorney General Sir Michael Havers has won a High Court order to stop publication of a new book about MI5. A Sunday Times report said the book revealed "embarrassing information" about Britain's intelligence service. But Sir Michael is refusing to discuss its contents or his reasons for seeking the interim injunction. According to The Sunday Times, the decision to go to the High Court followed discussions with Mr Whitelaw. The paper also said MI5 had obtained a manuscript of the book without the knowledge of author Nigel West. >>>>