P229 ORACLE 229 Sun17 Oct ITN 2200:00   2/3   DIARY   WEDNESDAY: Ints contd. TR N America Inv Tst,Waterford Glass. Finals: Akalamazoo London & Prov Shop Centres, Trident Comp Services, W Tyzack & Turner. THURSDAY: Interims: Dominion & Gen Tst, Francis Inds, Free State Geduld Mines, Norman Hay,Ibstock Johnson,FJC Lilley, President Brand Gold Mines, President Styn Gold Mining, Scot Mortgage & Tst, Selincourt, Utd Ceramic Distributors, Welkom Gold Mining, Western Hldgs, Wettern Bros. Finals: East Rand Gold & Uranium,Goodman Bros & Stockman, WM Low Pressac Hldg, Spencer Gears, Stewart & Wright, Walker & Homer. FRIDAY: Interims: Lanca, Reed Executive Finals: None announced. >>>>>
P229 ORACLE 229 Sun17 Oct ITN 2211:00  3/3  ECONOMIC STATISTICS  MONDAY: Retail sales (Sept-prov). TUESDAY: None announced. WEDNESDAY: Cyclical indicators for UK economy (Sept). Industrial and commercial companies capital account and net borrowing requirement (2nd qtr) Indices of average earnings (Aug). Indices of basic rates of wages (Sept). Construction — new orders (Aug). THURSDAY: Institutional Investment (2nd qtr). Public sector borrowing requirement and details of local authority borrowing (3rd qtr). FRIDAY: Sales and orders in the engineering inds (Kul). >>>>>
P229 ORACLE 229 Sun17 Oct ITN 2210:11   1/3   DIARY   MONDAY: Interims: Bestwood, Brook St Bureau, Sandhurst Mrktg, Tate of Leeds, Utd Friendly Ins (USM). Finals: Bryan Hldgs, Japan Assets Tst, Ramar Textiles TUESDAY: Interims: Edith, Energy Srvces & Electronics, Gerrard & Nat, Walter Lawrence, Stanley Miller,More O'Ferrall Peachey Prop Corp. Finals: Brooke Bond Grp, Paterson Zochonis, Pochin's, TSW Television Southwest. WEDNESDAY: Interims: British Home Stores, City of Oxford Inv Tst, Copydex, Duport, First Charlotte Assets Tst, John Folkes Hefo, Ofster Bros, Gill & Duffus, Hawker Siddeley, Jessel Toynbee, London Atlantic Inv Tst, Secs Tst of Scotland, Telephone Rentals, >>>