P220 ORACLE 220 Sun17 Oct ITN 2210:10   2/3     You may think the £40,000 taken by the widow of the intestate husband is a lot of money. However, that includes the value of the family home, if it is in the husband's name, plus any insurance. After the widow gets her £40,000 the rest is split into two shares and the children share one portion at 18. The other half portion is invested and the widow gets the income but the children get the cash on her death. Other relatives may also have a claim on the estate, so making out a will can save a lot of family heartache. >>>>>
P220 ORACLE 220 Sun17 Oct ITN 2201:00   1/3     by Tony Hetherington Most people have a natural reluctance to think about death so never get around to making out a will. However, it is wrong to assume that making a will is not necessary unless you are rich. It is also wrong to think that if you do not make out a will then all your property will pass to your next of kin. For example, take the case of a married man with a wife and two young children. If he dies intestate, his wife takes his personal effects plus the first £40,000 of all his other assets. >>>>>
P220 ORACLE 220 Sun17 Oct ITN 2210:01   3/3      The Britannia unit trust group has launched a Dollar Managed Currency Fund which will invest in dollar bank deposits throughout the world.  The fall in the retail prices index means Granny Bonds will actually drop in value for the first time ever for encashments made next month.  Stockbrokers Seymour, Pierce have produced a booklet (price £1, post free) listing over 100 companies offering discounts to shareholders. >>>>>