P218 ORACLE 218 Sun17 Oct ITN 2211:11  Rest of the News — Page Four  CHINA AND RUSSIA  BUILD BRIDGES China and the Soviet Union have agreed to resume formal negotiations to improve relations. This was announced in Peking by Chinese Communist Party leader Hu Yaobang after informal talks between the two sides. Relations between the two Communist giants have been strained for 20 years. Informal talks are already going on and the statement indicates that they have been going well. >>>>>  For details of bargain price train travel see BRITISH RAIL Index p125
P218 ORACLE 218 Sun17 Oct ITN 2200:01  Rest of the News — Page Six  GERMANY'S SCHMIDT  'TO GIVE UP FIGHT' It looks as if West Germany's Helmut Schmidt will not run for the Chancellorship again. Close aides told newspapers today he had decided not to do so despite unanimous pleas from his Social Democratic Party. He fears it will swing further left and may link up with the anti-nuclear "Greens" Party which opposes American nuclear missiles in Germany. Mr Schmidt has consistently backed a NATO decision to deploy American and Pershing missiles if arms reduction talks in Geneva fail. >>>>>
P218 ORACLE 218 Sun17 Oct ITN 2210:10  Rest of the News — Page Five  POLICE PROBE DEATH  OF 82-YEAR-OLD SOCCER FAN An 82-year-old man died in hospital last night, four hours after he became tangled up with a crowd of football supporters leaving The Dell,Southampton Detectives have been called in to investigate the incident. The man, who walked with the aid of a stick, was seen to leave the ground after the match between Southampton and West Ham. A police spokesman said that a number of supporters of both teams ran past and overtook him. "He was later found lying on the pavement and died several hours later."
P218 ORACLE 218 Sun17 Oct ITN 2201:10  Rest of the News — Page Three  COLOMBIAN PLANE  GOES DOWN IN SEA Five people are missing after a Colombian Air Force plane ditched in the Atlantic, 180 miles south of New Jerse8. A US Coastguard spokesman said the plane was carrying 13 people. Eight survivors were picked up by a nearby ship and two of them have been taken to hospital. The coastguard spokesman said the pilot of the plane apparently tried to land close to the ship. The propeller-driven plane was en route for Bermuda from the Azores when its navigational system apparently failed >
P218 ORACLE 218 Sun17 Oct ITN 2210:01  Rest of the News — Page One  PAKISTAN TURNS  AWAY FROM WEST Pakistan looks set to become an even stricter Islamic society. A committee set up by President Zia has proposed tough new laws including the death penalty for prostitution. Other measures include: A ban on ballroom dancing. Bonfires to be made of vulgar books. Measures to discourage women from buying jewellery and embroidered clothes. Islamic religious tests on students before they can enter university. >>>
P218 ORACLE 218 Sun17 Oct ITN 2201:01  Rest of the News — Page Two  CHINESE AIRMAN DEFECTS  A Chinese Air Force captain has defected to South Korea after a dramatic air chase. And Taiwan has offered more than £1m to the pilot if he and his plane are sent there from South Korea. The captain's fugitive MiG-19 was chased by Chinese fighter planes as it neared South Korean air space. South Korean jets were sent up and as they approached, the Chinese fighters turned back to their own mainland. He is the first member of the Chinese military forces to defect to South Korea since 1960. >>>>>