P622 ORACLE 622 Sun 7 Aug S4C 2050:00  1/2       TRACK 29 (15) **** Anything directed by Nicolas Roeg and written by Dennis Potter is going to be unconventional and this, their first collaboration is weird - bzt brilliant. Into the life of childless housewife Theresa Russell comes Gary Oldman who claims to be her son. Russell's husband is a doctor and model railway nut who has something kinky going with a nurse. It's a cryptic, surreal, funny and frightening American satire that you'll either love or walk out of. (Adrian Turner) Hawks > Reviews Guide 620 Local Movies 623 NATWEST LIVE ACTION CONCERT SERIES SEE PAGE 293 (exc Scotland & Ireland) Local Movies New Plays W End Plays BSVs
P622 ORACLE 622 Sun 7 Aug S4C 2050:10  2/2       HAWKS (15) **** Timothy Dalton , Anthony Edwards Terminally ill Dalton and Edwards steal an ambulance and head for Holland for a final fling in a four-star brothel in a pitch-black comedy which is both moving and funny in spite of a poignant theme. Thanks to a witty, inventive screenplay by Roy Clarke and vivid acting (Dalton, particularly is compelling) it manages to balance humour and tears with skill. The best comedy has its roots firmly in reality. That hard to achieve criterion has been triumphantly met in this film. (Alan Frank) Track 29 > Reviews Index 620 West End Plays 624 Local Movies New Plays W End Plays BSVs