P456 ORACLE 456 Sun 7 Aug S4C 2050:10 SBECTEL      FOLLOW-UP FACTS    MONEYSPINNER Free bi-weekly factsheet on personal finance (week 1&2) EASY DOES IT Free factsheet on keep fit for over 50s, with 36p stamp EPUINOX Booklet on the science topics covered in the series, £2.50 (Make cheques/POs payable to Channel 4) DIHIROD DYFED Llyfryn (16tt, lluniau) yn esbonior cefndir i'r gyfres Send a LARGE SAE, n—ljng programme to: PO Box 4000, CARDIFF CF1 9XT  Noticeboard Competition T/Soft Racing
P456 ORACLE 456 Sun 7 Aug S4C 2040:11 SBECTEL      FOLLOW-UP FACTS    HELD IN TRUST Information on National Trust of Scotland. Send an SAE to: Held In Trust, The National Trust of Scotland, 5 Charlotte Street, Edinburgh EH2 4DJ SAME DIFFERENCE Free factsheet with more information on issues on disability covered in the programme. Send a LARGE SAE to: Same Difference (Week 8) PO Box 444, BATH BA1 2TN  Noticeboard Competition T/Soft Racing
P456 ORACLE 456 Sun 7 Aug S4C 2051:02 SBECTEL      FOLLOW-UP FACTS    S4C FOLLOW UP S4C provides follow-up to a number of its programmes and series, mostly in the shape of leaflets, factsheets, study guides and booklets. In a minute, you will find a complete list to what accompanies S4C programmes this week, starting from Monday. When you send off for your copy, mark the envelope CLEARLY with the programme title, and include an A-4 sized stamped and self addressed envelope.  Noticeboard Competition T/Soft Racing