P443 ORACLE 443 Sun 7 Aug S4C 2034:10 SBECTEL        11.50pm MONDAY The idea of watching pineapples for an hour may sound about as exciting as ironing five hundred pairs of trousers. But Amos Gitai's subversive documentary uses the humble fruit to illustrate the amoral way in which any multi-million- dollar, multi-national business works. As the pineapple executive who opens the programme proudly points out, the per capita consumption of pineapples in the USA has risen 300% in the last decade.  1/5 Sport Kids On S4C 4-T Facts
P443 ORACLE 443 Sun 7 Aug S4C 2040:00 SBECTEL        In the last century the pineapple was a relatively rare sight in the west. Although native to South America, the pineapple was imported to Hawaii and the Philippines at the same time as Christianity. And this is not merely a figure of speech. Hawaii's first two missionaries were called Castle and Cook. Strangely enough, that's also the n—le of the business which now owns Dole, the company controlling most of the world's pineapple production.  2/5 Sport Kids On S4C 4-T Facts
P443 ORACLE 443 Sun 7 Aug S4C 2051:10 SBECTEL        In 1895, after much US interference, Sanford Dole was made President of Hawaii, making it the original pineapple republic. This was the first step to Hawaii gaining membership of the USA - and the USA gaining an island rich in fertile volcanic soil and very cheap labour. But in 1972, after a century of harsh treatment, Hawaiians were guaranteed a minimum wage of $3 an hour. Dole began to wonder about moving...  3/5 Sport Kids On S4C 4-T Facts
P443 ORACLE 443 Sun 7 Aug S4C 2041:02 SBECTEL        Today the world centre of pineapple production is shifting to Mindanao, in the Philippines. The pineapple executives wax lyrical about the beauties of the Philippines. Why are they suddenly so enthusiastic? Could it possibly have something to do with average labour costs of 18 cents an hour? Perhaps they'll ship some of the Philippinos they moved to Hawaii to work the pineapple fields there some sixty years ago.  4/5 Sport Kids On S4C 4-T Facts
P443 ORACLE 443 Sun 7 Aug S4C 2040:00 SBECTEL        Amos Gitai's technique throughout is, without any commentary, to give the pineapple executives enough rope to hang themselves with. He also has a nice line in juxtaposing anodyne business-speak with the people on the receiving end, in their shanty towns and deafening factories. More disturbing still is his layering of text, commentary and strangely ominous whisperings, which builds up to a grand finale on the San Francisco freeways. Christopher Stocks  5/5 Sport Kids On S4C 4-T Facts