P299 ORACLE 299 Fri 4 Feb ITN 2100:52  9/9  CARPENTERS GROUP  GIRL DIES Singer Karen Carpenter of the pop group The Carpenters has died aged 32, apparently from a heart attack. Officials at Downey Community Hospital near Los Angeles refused to disclose details of the death. But Downey fire department which was called to her parents' home said it found her in full cardiac arrest. Miss Carpenter recorded a string of romantic love songs such as "We've only just begun" and "Close to you" with her brother Richard. >>>>>  For details of bargain price train travel see BRITISH RAIL Index p125
P299 ORACLE 299 Fri 4 Feb ITN 2100:11  5/9  OPTIONS 'OPEN' ON  NUCLEAR ARMS TALKS Britain and West Germany will accept a partial arms deal with Moscow even if it falls short of the "zero option"N They will press on with talks with the Soviet Union on the curbing of medium- range missiles in Europe. The decision was made at a meeting between Mrs Thatcher and Chancellor Helmut Kohl in LondonN The two leaders said their goal remained "zero" but was not a "take-it- or-leave-it" proposal. The same expression was used by US Vice President George Bush at the Committee on Disarmament in Geneva. >>>>>
P299 ORACLE 299 Fri 4 Feb ITN 2100:02      1/9                                               Highlights from  ORACLE's News Pages  >>>>>  
P299 ORACLE 299 Fri 4 Feb ITN 2120:10  3/9  MORE WELSH TOLD  TO BOIL WATER Another 100,000 people have been told to boil their water by the Welsh Water Authority as the strike enters its 12th day, taking the total to over 750,000. The latest warnings are to people in Llanelli, Rhondda Fach and Rhondda Fawr Some farmers may have to slaughter animals if the strike goes on much longer says the National Farmers' Union In Th—les gater Authority area, only one in a thousand people are without water - about 12,000 out of 12 million. Workers in Wessex Water Authority area have said they will withdraw emergency cover from 5pm tonight. >>>>
P299 ORACLE 299 Fri 4 Feb ITN 2100:05  6/9  UP TO 1,000 NEg  JOBS IN TEXACO PLAN Oil giant Texaco is to go ahead with a £100m development at its refinery at Pembroke, South WalesN The project, which will cut the need for lead additives in petrol, will bring badly needed jobs to the area Between 750 and 1,000 construction jobs will be created during the six-month peak in building work around 1985. Texaco chief John Ambler said: "We are pleased to be able to offer these employment prospects for the South Wales area." >>>>>  EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED TO KNOW  see PHILIPS — page 157
P299 ORACLE 299 Fri 4 Feb ITN 2100:02  2/9  WATER STRIKE:  TALKS ON SUNDAY ACAS has arranged joint talks between the water employers and unions on SundayN This followed informal talks by the conciliation service with both sides today and the meeting will be held under the chairmanship of ACAS The unions say they are ready to negotiate on the basis of possible productivity payments amounting to up to £10 a week. Environment Secretary Tom King has said that the productivity payments have been on offer for over a week but union leaders said this was "totally untrue". More people told to boil water - 205 >>
P299 ORACLE 299 Fri 4 Feb ITN 2111:00  4/9  PILOT FEARED DEAD  AFTER HELICOPTER CRASH A pilot is presumed dead after a Sea King helicopter with HMS Invincible crashed off the Portuguese coast. The Ministry of Defence said the pilot was sub-Lt Malcolm Kelham, 24, from StamfordN Three other crewmen on the helicopter were rescuedN The helicopter, from 820 Squadron, was six miles from Invincible when it crashed while carrying out deck landing practice. The MoD said that Prince Andrew, who is a helicopter pilot with Invincible, was not involved. >>>>>
P299 ORACLE 299 Fri 4 Feb ITN 2100:05  7/9  PARTY MEMBERS FORCE  HAUGHEY SHOWDOWN A formal move to unseat Mr Charles Haughey as leader of the Fianna Fail opposition party is to be considered in Dublin on Monday. The motion calling for his resignation was made by a one-time staunch Haughey supporter, Mr Ben Briscoe The Monday meeting was called earlier today at the insistence of more than 40 of the 74 party members in the Dail. The crisis has been caused by a row over bugging during the period of Mr Haughey's last administration. >>>>>  AMERICAN EXPRESS WORLD CLOCK — p168
P299 ORACLE 299 Fri 4 Feb ITN 2121:06  9/9  CARPENTERS G OUP  GIRL DIES Singer Karen Carpenter of the pop group The Carpenters has died aged 32 from a heart attackN Miss Carpenter was taken ill in her parents' home and found to be dead on arrival in hospital. The brother-and-sister duo sold more than 30 million records with hit songs including "We've only just begun", "Close to you" and "Solitaire"N The pair won three Grammy awards given each year by the US recording industry and 17 gold records. >>>>>  For details of bargain price train travel see BRITISH RAIL Index p125
P299 ORACLE 299 Fri 4 Feb ITN 2101:07  8/9  VICTIM'S MOTHER  PRAISES RIPPER REPORT The mother of the Yorkshire Ripper's last victim says she is "very pleased" with calls for curbs on chequebook bournalism. The calls come in a report by the Press Council about press behaviour after the arrest of Peter Sutcliffe (see 270). Mrs Doreen Hill hoped newspapers would comply with the Press Council decision She thought newspapers should be closed for three weeks and still made to pay employees if they continued to employ chequebook bournalism techniques. >>>>>  * PYE BREAKFAST TV COMPETITION * * * see page 170 *