P270 ORACLE 270 Fri 4 Feb ITN 2100:01  Yorkshire Ripper Report 6/7  NEWSPAPERS CRITICISED  OVER PAYMENTS Two newspapers are "condemned" and three "censured" in the Press Council's report on their conduct in the Ripper case along with the Daily Mail It condemns the Sunday People and the Yorkshire Post for offering cash for the stories of possible witnessesN The Sun "deserved censure" for paying a prosecution witness for photographs of Sutcliffe's wedding. The Daily Star is censured for paying £4,000 to a prostitute present at Sutcliffe's arrest. The Daily Express is also censured for cash offers to witnesses >>>>>
P270 ORACLE 270 Fri 4 Feb ITN 2103:00  Yorkshire Ripper Report 2/7  CASH SCRAMBLE  FOR AN EXCLUSIVE Offers of up to £1m were made by newspapers to Mrs Sonia Sutcliffe for her exclusive story,the Press Council's Yorkshire Ripper report reveals. A handwritten note from Mr John Ally (Daily Express) and Miss Sara ghite (Daily Mail) offers £50,000N Another note from Alan Rees makes another Daily Express bid at £80,000. The News of the World offered "not less than £110,000"N The Observer made a £100,000 bid for cooperation on a book. The Yorkshire Post offered £1m while the Daily Mirror's Ted Macauley said his paper would go above all offers. >>
P270 ORACLE 270 Fri 4 Feb ITN 2100:05  Yorkshire Ripper Report 4/7  'MEDIA MOB' HAD  CARAVAN STALL A caravan stall selling food and hot drinks was set up outside Mrs Sonia Sutcliffe's home because the "media mob" was so large and there for so long The Press Council's report into press conduct on the case said pressure on people was a "disturbing" aspect. Mrs Sutcliffe, wife of the Ripper, said the reporters clambered over one another, shamelessly yelling they would pay more than the next person. Mrs Doreen Hill, mother of the last victim of the Ripper, who was also besieged, said it was like being in prisonN >>>>>
P270 ORACLE 270 Fri 4 Feb ITN 2100:07  Yorkshire Ripper Report 5/7  DAILY MAIL RAPPED  FOR CHARADE The Daily Mail has been picked out for strong criticism by the Press Council in its negotiations for Mrs Sonia Sutcliffe's story. It said it had been "an elaborate and convoluted...charadeb The newspaper had attempted to get an interview without payment while "spoiling" its rivals' efforts The charade included a ritual of negotiations to get background information The Press Council said the efforts to deceive Mrs Sutcliffe sustained a chequebook market in her story. >>>>>
P270 ORACLE 270 Fri 4 Feb ITN 2101:24  Yorkshire Ripper Report 7/7  CONCERN OVER  RIPPER'S RIGHTS The Press Council's report into media conduct in the Yorkshire Ripper case expresses concern that Sutcliffe's rights were endangeredN It said the fubilation over the capture of the Ripper was "potentially highly prejudicial to public faith in a fair trialb. But it admits that police and press each faced a conflict of aims in wanting to assure the public that the five-year terror was over. Police "errors of judgment" had made it harder for editors to enforce proper ethical standards, said the Press Council. >>>>>
P270 ORACLE 270 Fri 4 Feb ITN 2111:24  Yorkshire Ripper Report 3/7  WARNING ON LAg  OVER 'BLOOD MONEY' The Press Council has warned the public may press for laws on "blood money" unless the media regulates its conduct. Its report on the Ripper case said there was more widespread public criticism over cash payments to relatives of criminals than ever before The Press Council comes down against banning chequebook fournalism by law. The watchdog body — which has no force in law — said it did not favour legal restrictions on the press. But if press conduct did not change then the Council said it would find it difficult to argue against legislation.
P270 ORACLE 270 Fri 4 Feb ITN 2100:10  Yorkshire Ripper Report 1/7  CHEQUEBOOK JOURNALISM  SLAMMED BY PRESS COUNCIL The Press Council is to toughen its attitude on chequebook journalism after the Yorkshire Ripper case. It aims to ban payments by papers to the families, friends, neighbours and colleagues of criminals. The two-year inquiry into "unparalleled coverage" of the case said it put confidence in a fair trial "gravely at risk". The Council's 70,000-word report details cash offers to relatives and people involved in the caseN It also censures and condemns six newspapers for their conduct. >>>>>