P223 ORACLE 223 Fri 4 Feb ITN 2101:10  Closing....Closing.... 1/2      Shares paused for breath after the record levels seen on Thursday, though there was no real weight of selling and prices simply drifted. Leaders were often up to 6p lower, though Barclays Bank fell 11p on US loss reports and in dull insurances Royal stood out with a fall of 20p. However, Turner and Newall rose 2p on details of new financing arrangements. Elsewhere, BTR put on 12p in front of figures due next month. >>>>>  THE MFI SALE BEATS EVERYTHING p153
P223 ORACLE 223 Fri 4 Feb ITN 2100:01  Closing....Closing.... 2/2      Oils sagged on reports of price cuts by Egypt. Ultramar dropped 9p. Premier, however, gained on news of a big US gas find. Higher profits lifted Wiggins by 2p but Branon retreated 5p after revealing pre-tax losses. Rediffusion put on 5p after concluding a deal to produce robots for a US firm, and Valor jumped 19p, gaining from a US distribution contract. Gold shares gave up $1 to $2 as the bullion price eased. Gilts lost early gains of 37p and ended with falls of the same amount. >>>>