P219 ORACLE 219 Fri 4 Feb ITN 2101:10  Rest of the News — Page Three  THATCHER URGED TO  CHANGE PORN LAWS Anti-porn campaigner Mary ghitehouse has urged Mrs Thatcher to override the Home Office and personally introduce new obscenity laws. Her call follows a Scotland Yard swoop on sex shops in London. Mrs Whitehouse said much of the blame for the continuation of the porn industry lay at the Home Office's door. She said: "There are no signs they will change their ways unless pressure is put on them and the Prime Minister is the only one who can do that." >>>>>  For details of bargain price train travel see BRITISH RAIL index p125
P219 ORACLE 219 Fri 4 Feb ITN 2100:01  Rest of the News — Page Two  MORE GHANAIANS DIE  ON TREK HOME Ten people were killed and 146 injured in crashes in a lorry convoy taking thousands of Ghanaian refugees on the final stage of their journey home. At least 34 have been killed in crashes since Nigeria ordered the deportation of about two million unskilled workers. Many more are believed to have died while walking home to GhanaN The Red Cross says about 6,000 people are still crossing daily into Ghana from Togo, many short of food.  Britain is sending £25,000-worth of medical supplies to Accra to help in the relief operationN >>>>>
P219 ORACLE 219 Fri 4 Feb ITN 2101:15  Rest of the News — Page Five  BELFAST BOY FOUND  DEAD IN SEWER The body of missing Belfast boy Jimmy McGivern has been found in a sewer. Police divers found four-year-old Jimmy hours after the Government announced a full inquiry into the tragedy, which has horrified Belfast. Jimmy fell into the storm drain after it was left open by workmen building a multi-million pound road schemeN He was found just 30ft from where he disappeared while playing near his home in the Divis flats complex. Striking waterworkers helped in the search. >>>>  For details of bargain price train travel see BRITISH RAIL Index p125
P219 ORACLE 219 Fri 4 Feb ITN 2101:00  Rest of the News — Page Four  TUMOUR REMOVED  FROM BOY'S SPINE A 14-year-old boy has had a tumour removed from his spine in the first operation of its kind in Britain. Brian Sweeney had an identical operation at Dundee Infirmary to that performed in New York last month on Julian Thurston, 8, from Eastbourne. The Dundee hospital had been loaned a special ultrasound machine by British agents of the American manufacturers. The operation was performed by Mr Ivan Jacobson and a team of neuro-surgeons He said:"Had the machine been available when Brian's condition was diagnosed the operation would have been simpler."
P219 ORACLE 219 Fri 4 Feb ITN 2100:14  Rest of the News — Page One  'REBELS' RELENT  OVER MIGRANT RULES Tory right-wingers who rebelled over new immigration rules have admitted they are now prepared to compromise. More than 50 backbenchers inflicted an embarrassing defeat on the Government last December over moves to allow immigrant women to bring spouses here. Many Tories feared this would set off fresh immigration, mostly from IndiaN But after a meeting at the Commons, the "rebels" say they will consider the idea of "an honourable compromise"N They hope Home Secretary William Whitelaw will agree to keep any new rules "under continual review". >>>>