P217 ORACLE 217 Fri 4 Feb ITN 2101:11   1/3      Thailand: Seven people were killed when a shell exploded near a refugee field hospital on the Cambodian border near Non Chan.  USA: Mount St Helens volcano, which killed 61 people when it erupted in 1980, has come to life again in Washington State. Some ash from a 23,000ft-high column fell on Olympia, nearly 80 miles away.  Portugal: President Eanes has dissolved parliament and announced general elections for April 25. >>>>>   DIXONS SENSATIONAL OFFERS  Page 163
P217 ORACLE 217 Fri 4 Feb ITN 2100:10   3/3      Corsica: Terrorists raked a police HQ with gunfire and blew up four cars in a new outbreak of violence.  Mozambique: A crowd of 10,000 urged harsh punishment for four Portuguese and a Briton accused of sabotage.  USA: A truck strike by owner-drivers grew more violent with incidents in 38 States, including one killing.  Lebanon: Christian and Druze militias have fought a fierce battle south of Beirut. The fighting erupted after Beirut Radio reported the Druze leader had escaped assassinationN >>>>>
P217 ORACLE 217 Fri 4 Feb ITN 2100:03   2/3      Namibia: A South African soldier was killed in a land-mine explosion in the north of the country.  Transkei: More than 50 tribesman stabbed and clubbed to death in an ambush were apparently trying to get back stolen cattle, police saidN  Bermuda: Premier John Swan's United Party won a decisive victory in an election for a new House of Assembly.  Italy: The world's first successful operation to remove a tumour from a newborn baby's heart has been carried out in the Baby Jesus Hospital, Rome. >>>>>