P106 ORACLE 106 Fri 4 Feb ITV 2101:10  1/2     CORONATION STREET Wed 2nd February Suzie Birchall settles down at No.11 to an uneasy threesome, with Elsie Tanner and Marion Willis.She visits the Rovers with Elsie, and Fred Gee offers her a job as a relief barmaid. Phyllis Pearce is threatened with the demolition of her home and frightens Chalkie ghitely by talking of moving in with him! Deirdre Barlow tells Mike Baldwin that Emily Bishop knows about their rela- tionship and Gljly confronts Mike. Later, at the flat, Deirdre tells Mike she couldn't get through the day, if it wasn't for the thought of seeing him The Hard Word > RUMBELOWS SALE NOg ON - see p173
P106 ORACLE 106 Fri 4 Feb ITV 2101:10  2/2     THE HARD WORD Episode 2 Feb 1st The employees at the company where David Wood and Billy Clough work receive suspension notices The union hold a protest meetingN David Wood sits despondently by the river trying to accept the loss of his job, whilst his son Nigel tells his Mother he's rowed with his girlfriend. Nigel re- turns the £500 his Father lent him. Billy Clough, upset at the prospect of being redundant twice in a year, rows with his wife Vicky when she returns from an evening out. David learns Nigel has been charged with a drink-driving offence and is likely to lose his job He tries to console Nigel but Nigel confesses he is ashamed because he hit his girlfriend during their row.