P104 ORACLE 104 Fri 4 Feb ITV 2101:01    2/2       FRIDAY at 12.15pm  SHADOWS IN THE NIGHT (1944) Warner Baxter, Nina Foch. This brisk second feature thriller was one of ten movies to star Baxter as THE CRIME DOCTOR, a one-time crook turned psychiatrist and crime fighter. Here, in an enjoyably complex story, he is called in for help by Foch, a young woman tormented by a recurring night- mare and, in no time at all, is caught up in an ingenious slew of intrigue and murder. George Zucco, usually cast as a villain (and that may or may not be a clue) is around to help director Eugene Forde maintain tension. (Alan Frank) TV programes follow >
P104 ORACLE 104 Fri 4 Feb ITV 2101:10   1/2       FRIDAY  8.00 THE SPANISH CIVIL WAR Tonight - the last battle of the war. 9.30 NO P2OBLEM! Cousin Melba arrives from D—l—hca. 9.00 REGGAE SUNSPLASH featuring CHALICE DENIENCE WILLIAMS and LLOYD PARKES 10.00 CHEERS American TV comedy set in a comfortable city saloon bar. 10.30 PREDICAMENTS MAVIS NICHOLSON with the first of a new series. 11.15 JAZZ ON FOUR TONY MYATT introduces STAN TRACEY SEXTET and SAM RIVERS 12.15 FILM: SHADOWS IN THE NIGHT review follows > 1.25 CLOSE earlier programmes > MFI SALE NOg ON THOUSANDS OF BARGAINS — SEE PAGE 153