P3f4 ORACLE 324 Fri25 Dec ITV 2028:30  3/4  ORACLE  READS   BOOK REVIEW by DEREK PARKER A TRIBE OF ONE by George Melly Pub. Oxford Illustrated Press £6.95 A slim,well-illustrated book about Bri- tish naive artists - the St Ives fisherman Alfred Wallis, whose stumpy fishing boats ploughed the lively wes- tern waters; the Vbmaican Cleveland Brown,with his pawky,bawdy vision of London and its people;James Lloyd,whosf placid animals & curious children con- front each other with mutual suspicion. Much pleasure in the paintings of these untrained artists,for their pictures give familiar scenes new,strange,haunt- ing significance,lending us new eycs. Mr Melly's enthusiasm is just the thing to win us over to an appreciation of a still unfamiliar genre.