P385 ORACLE 385 Fri25 Dec ITV 2000:02 ORACLE 5/5    CHRISTMAS ALBUMS A COLLECTION OF GREAT DANCE SONGS-Pink Floyd(Harvest) Their ideas are usually good, but where there's been an LP, often a single would have done. That's the beauty of this compilation. THE LAST NIGHT OF THE POMS-Dame Edna Ever- age(EMI) If it's possible to overshadow Dame Edna, Carl Davis's music almost does. This is an original & very funny double LP. LRKE BOX DURY-Ian Dury(Stiff) A compil- ation LP from a man who has turned out to be one of the nicest, most genuine men in the business, From SWEET GENE VINCENT to I WANT TO BE STRAIGHT, this LP is a perfect example of musical & lyrical genius combined.
P385 ORACLE 385 Fri25 Dec ITV 2007:11 ORACLE 1/5    CHRISTMAS SINGLES THE MOON SHINES TONIGHT ON CHARLIE CHAPLIN - Beau Jangle (A&M) If his name hasn't put you off,here's the opening line:The moon shines to- night on Charlie Chaplin, His boots are cracking, For the want of blackening... REARRANGING THE DECKCHAIRS ON THE TITANIC-Jona Lewie, (Stiff) He really knows how to cash-in on Xmas. Not as good as his nauseating war song last year. THE BEST OF XMAS-The Nuptown Keys (EMI) Someone had to do a handclap medley of carols. ONE-NINE FOR SANTA- Fogwell Flax(EMI) It's even difficult to tell if this is supposed to be funny I WISH IT COULD BE CHRISTMAS EVERY DAY- Wizzard (Harvest).. serves to remind us that Xmas singles can be good.
P385 ORACLE 385 Fri25 Dec ITV 2001:13 ORACLE 3/3    CHRISTMAS ALBUMS Record companies tend either to avoid Christmas altogether, or go in for it hook line & sinker. Compilations are in abundance, and K-Tel have created a classic. Their LP THE VERY BEST OF DUSTY SPRINGFIELD is identical (except for one song) to the now established Phillips LP,DUSTY SPRINGFIELD, GREATEST HITS. Why did they bother? K-Tel also win the bad taste award for their MINI POPS LP. It's a feast for Paedophiles. Mini Pops are, I guess,children of various music business people,and the LP comprises of various medleys-with the obligatory handclaps-sung by kids doing cheap impersonations of famous singers.It's thoroughly repulsive.
P385 ORACLE 385 Fri25 Dec ITV 2000:01 ORACLE 2/5    CHRISTMAS SINGLES: ONE OF US-Abba (Epic) Rather a sad song for a Christmas single. WILD IS THE WIND - David Bowie (RCA) A beautifully sung song but he does have an irritat- ing talent for repackaging songs again & again, and successfully. CHRISTMAS CRACKERS-The Public Bar Supporters Club (Chrysalis) A truly horrible medley of Xmas songs. VIDEO KILLED THE RADIO STARS-Mini Pops (RCA) More about the revolting Mini Pops in the LP's section HAPPY CHRISTMAS,WAR IS OVER-John Lennon & Yoko Ono (Apple) There can't be many who haven't got this record. Still,its re-release is welcomed and hopefully will happen year after year.
P385 ORACLE 385 Fri25 Dec ITV 2004:01 ORACLE 4/5    CHRISTMAS ALBUMS DR.FEELGOOD CASEBOOK(Liberty) Listening to this LP,which contains the best of Dr Feelgood from 1974 onwards,I can al- most forget how ugly they are on stage. BOONOONOONOOS-Boney M (Atlantic) The sound quality is excellent, but it's still Boney M. THE LEGENDARY MARIO LANZA (K-Tel) I don't suppose they can go wrong with this. An ideal gift for anybody who likes Mario Lanza. TOM ROBINSON BAND(EMI) A brave,radical per- former for his time who probably shouldn't be forgotten. Another good compilation. PEARLS - Elkie Brooks(A&M) She has a strong, soulful voice,sadly ignored in her later work. Thankfully, this LP features some early songs too.